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Million Dollar Fishing Contest Using Beer Caps Raising $$$ 4 Recycling

We are putting $1,000,000.00 on the line to promote recycling. I challenge the GOVERNMENTS, BEER, SODA, and entire beverage industry to sponsor this program. Sponsors are really needed. We are talking billions and creating a lot of jobs while recycling.


Rocky View, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/11/2015 --Hooked on Recycling the World's largest bottle cap recycling organization and The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company are making a splash in the fishing and recycling world. Raising awareness about recycling through bars, pubs, restaurants and events and media. To help raise funds for the recycling project inspired by one man and his loyal team. We have 200 bars signed up in one week.

Posters and Buckets are going to be hitting campsites, bars, pubs and events all over North America next year. As billions of bottle caps are being dumped into lakes, rivers and streams & landfills all over the world. Why the governments have been allowing this is unreal.

Hooked On Recycling has been funded by The Original Bottle Cap Lure company for the last 10 years. Funded my them alone cleaning up after Multi Billions dollar companies that have gained from profiting from this. Mater of fact, Molson & Coors threatened to sue Norm Price the owner The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company back in this news story found on Facebook from 2007 for using its caps without permission.

The Original Bottle Cap Lures will be hitting the market in retail stores all over the world. Right now it is only sold online to create funds for the recycling programs abroad. A petition can be found on as well as pages for Hooked on Recycling and Facebook for people who want to help to contact Norm Price and his team.

2016 we are spinning off a fun fishing contest called The Battle Of The Brands. This is where we get to test the waters and discover what bottle cap catches the most fish of any species as well as who may land a state or provincial record fish. One sponsorship is secured we will announce what species. Please watch website for details.

Budweiser VRS Coors VRS Miller VRS Coca-Cola etc.

Can you help us spread the word.

Petition about recycling beer caps

Hooked On Recycling

The Original Bottle Cap Lure

Thank you so much
Norm Price

CTV National News Story

This press release has been sent out to create hype and publicity about The Battle Of The Brands Million Dollar Fishing Contest designed to promote bottle cap recycling North America Wide. We are looking for Sponsors and distribution channels to get the recycling and employment started with a bang. think of the jobs this creates and the recycling of billions of bottle caps nationwide.

About The Original Bottle Cap Lure Company
This company is the largest and only bottle cap recycling company. We recycle metal plastic and corks from bars, pubs, restaurants and events all over North America. We also make custom printed fishing lures made of bottle caps with logos on them.

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