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Millions of Americans Are Thankful That 2020 Is Almost Over

Making A Meaningful Change That Will Last A Lifetime


North Dighton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/19/2021 --Millions of Americans make vows of personal change at the first of every year. Some New Year's resolutions are long lasting and life changing choices, and others are less effective. After a year like the last, most people just want to be normal again. This year, however, normal has been changed forever.

In the past ten months the world has been witness to the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing, business closures and joblessness like not seen before in this century. Millions of people have turned to working at home and many more suffer from significant financial demise. Those who have endured the current times most successfully are those who chose to create a residual income. This year's resolution can be a choice that changes a life forever.

Creating a residual, pandemic proof income, is a choice that any average American can make. There are many income opportunities out there to choose from. Among the most popular are those that include many types of sales positions and computer-based work at home jobs. Yet none is particularly easy, nor do they offer a residual or recurrent income option. Yet there is still one, write a book, make it big and live in luxury for the remainder of life, or be realistic. Not all writers are going to make it big. As a matter of fact, very few do. But, for those who simply want to make a living and earn a good income. An income that will survive a major national problem. A true work from home job where anyone who can write can prosper even in a statewide lock down, for those who really want to make a living Freebird Publishers has the answers.

Freebird Publishers has provided some of the most limited authors and writers an opportunity to make a living. They have provided even prisoners the tools that have excelled average writers into National treasures. Freebird Publishers has overcome the challenge of publishing books for people who were locked down in solitary confinement and bringing their work to nationally known websites such as and Barnes and Noble. Those people, even prisoners, made choices. They chose to never give up, they chose to succeed, and they chose Freebird Publishers. Now this New Years is an opportunity for many Americans to make a choice, the choice to succeed. This year, Freebird Publishers offers their specialized publishing opportunities to everyone and anyone who wants something new in 2021. With Freebird Publishers everyone has the opportunity to make the most of a unique publishing opportunity.

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