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Milwaukee Inventors Spur U.S. Economic Growth Through Lean Manufacturing

Company develops sophisticated transformer welding machine to boost customer production


Greendale, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2017 --Custom Design—Lean Manufacturing Systems Inc. (CDLMS-Inc.), a Wisconsin-based component and machine manufacturer, is pleased to announce the development of its newest product. The company has produced an automated machine for welding transformers, designed, engineered and built using Lean manufacturing processes.

The machine has been built combining new technologies in conjunction with Lean manufacturing principles. CDLMS-Inc. handled the design, prototyping and overall fabrication, going so far as to hire a full-time electrical engineer to oversee the specifications of the project.

CDLMS-Inc.'s transformer welding machine will assist its customer, Micron Industries, in expanding production capabilities, resulting in the creation of new American manufacturing jobs. Micron Industries manufacturers control and power solutions in the form of transformers, reactors and AC/DC power supplies.

The result is a piece of machinery that reduces operator fatigue, is operator friendly, is reliable and reduces the time it takes to change-over between orders. It will replace two older welding machines that are hard on operators, frequently break down and are inefficient.

"The goal—and our task as a Lean manufacturer—was to create a machine that would make parts better and faster, while increasing output and giving Micron the ability to fill more orders, all the while making work easier on the people running it," said Michael Gamache Founder of CDLMS-Inc. "We've met these challenges and produced something that will drive efficiency and output, while also creating opportunities for growth and expansion."

Integrating Lean design and manufacturing principles, CDLMS-Inc. also incorporated features into the machine that allow for traceability—a key variable in quality control and an essential focus for Micron Industries.

The end result of CDLMS-Inc.'s efforts is a resounding commitment to American manufacturing and economy. The company itself is Wisconsin-based, sourcing from vendors within the local economy. Micron Industries is also a U.S.-based manufacturer, creating products that require the employ of skilled American workers. Output and subsequent sales created by CDLMS-Inc.'s transformer welding machine will increase GDP, as all products are Made in America.

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Custom Design—Lean Mfg Systems was founded by Michael J. Gamache in order to answer a need in the U.S. for Lean Manufacturing Systems & Automation. From concept to creation, our goal is to produce lean manufacturing systems—combined with today's best available and most reliable technologies—to give our customers increased productivity, cycle consistency, accurate and repeatable processes, added versatility, higher quality, less waste, and, ultimately, reduced cost. The company focuses on the design and production of cells, robotics and assembly automation, material handling systems and equipment, presses, fixtures and more.