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Mina Ebrahimi, Owner of a Northern Virginia Catering Company Makes Delicious Use of Summer Produce

August is a peak season for summer harvesting, and Mina Ebrahimi & Saint Germain Catering want locals to know: it's time to cook with fresh produce and herbs.


Vienna, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/25/2017 --According to Mina Ebrahimi, Mid-August is the peak time for many farmers, homeowners and local businesses to harvest their fresh produce offerings. Tomatoes, corn-on-the-cob and fresh herbs should all be ready for picking now and in the coming weeks, say expert gardeners and farmers. Some produce, such as summer squash, has likely been available for most cooks for months and is still in season.

Many recipes using freshly harvested produce can be created with simple methods that don't require a lot of preparation or cooking. Red ripe tomatoes can be roughly chopped and marinated in heaps of oil, sherry vinegar, basil, garlic and red pepper flakes, which can then be tossed with pasta or served with freshly steamed mussels. New spices or herbs can also be substituted to create new flavors for different dishes.

The classic summer vegetable, corn on the cob, can be eaten in the traditional way with butter, salt and two steady hands, or the kernels can be scraped off and added to salads. When it's ground, it can be used for fluffy corn muffins or cornbread. Grilling corn on the cob results in an unexpected smoky flavor, making it a favorite for weekend backyard barbecues. Also a great choice for outdoor cooking is summer squash, especially when sliced thin, tossed with olive oil and lemon, and then sprinkled with salt and a bit of Parmesan cheese.

Many fresh herbs are in season this time of year, and they help bring out surprising and unexpected flavors when they're prepared with other foods. Whether they're grown in a backyard or picked up from the farmer's market, fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, chives, cilantro and tarragon make excellent additions to everything from sauces to salad dressings.

Saint Germain Catering of Northern Virginia continually integrates fresh summer produce into their recipes. It uses fresh ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible to create delectable flavors for each dish, and its seasonal specials, summer salads and Farm to Friends menus, in particular, make excellent use of seasonal fruits and vegetables to complement entrées and appetizers. Outdoor weddings, baby or bridal showers or office picnics are excellent reasons to hire a catering service, allowing hosts focus on entertaining guests or organizing activities while the food is being expertly taken care of by the dedicated staff of Saint Germain Catering of Northern Virginia.

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