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MindBOX Productions Uses Video Marketing to Promote Neurobiologix's Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2013 --Video production is one of the reasons new companies can get their product/message out, and the latest MindBOX Productions commercial for Neurobiologix www.neurobiologix.com pharmaceutical grade supplements is an example of how the process works. Consider the interesting techniques they used to establish Neurobiologix supplements as a force in the health care world, and gained the trust of potential new customers.

“Resisting the urge to just slap together a commercial is hard, but effective advertising can result when production companies put effort into it,” a representative said. “Most of the advertising techniques we used were easy to execute with a little extra effort and attention in every step of production.”

By using these effective video techniques, MindBOX Productions www.mindboxproductions.com increased consumer awareness of Neurobiologix product line, established the reason behind developing the supplement line and won the audience’s trust for the products.

Looking for First Time Buyers
They determined that in order to get first time buyers interested, they needed testimonials. They felt it was important to establish trust, so they added two testimonials to the commercial. The first one involved an average mother concerned for her children, and the second featured the opinion of a health professional.

The Script
The commercial uses a number of honest statements to build its argument. “No two people are alike” and “our nutritional needs are as different as our smiles,” is not going to get much argument. Nobody will argue with the idea that quality nutrition can change lives. Today, everybody knows that they need to “put back into their body stuff it’s missing,” so that statement will not meet much resistance.

The testimonials are enhanced by high definition video footage. The mother is amazed how much Neurobiologix supplements have helped her new family. Her children can focus in school, sleep at night and get their moods regulated. What parent doesn’t want to hear that? The mother is convincing as a person amazed by these products. The health professional’s testimonial is a lot of alphabet soup, but the image of a trusted health professional works on its own merit.

The commercial presented image advertising, so it built trust right into the product image. They established interest in the brand and general brand awareness by producing the television commercial. It persuades audience that the product is legitimate and its claims are legitimate.

MindBOX Productions produced this commercial in high definition video. According to representatives, they use innovative technologies at all phases of the project to ensure the customer is more than satisfied with the product. “We want to produce outstanding video on time and on budget.”