Mindinventory Embraces the Future of Mobile App Development by Introducing iBeacon App Development Services

Mindinventory Introducing iBeacon App Development Services to global clients.


Middleburg Heights, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/10/2016 --Mindinventory now offers iBeacon app development services to customers. The leading mobile app development company provides the app development services that are increasingly becoming popular amongst smartphone users. Apple Inc. originally developed the mobile app that enhances interaction among smartphone users. The communication takes place between iOS devices and the iBeacon.

iBeacon apps notify the smartphone user of other users in nearby locations. The mobile app uses hardware with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to make the communication possible. The interaction is highly personalized to give the user a superior experience. Mindinventory offers the mobile app development services which are suitable for small, medium and large organizations. Conducting business using this app is very easy and more efficient.

Consumers with both mobile phones and tablets can enjoy these services. The BLE signal penetrates through walls and many other physical barriers. Therefore, mobile or tablet users can efficiently interact via the signal. Despite the strength of the signal, iBeacon does not drain cell phone battery as fast.

The introduction of iBeacon to Mindinventory customers will make life much easier. Having this valuable software at hand enables an individual to enjoy various services at Mindinventory including Vehicle tracking, Document transfer, mobile payments, on location information, indoor maps, and navigation, discount notifications.

The biggest gainers of this introduction are business owners. They can transform their business and increase sales incredibly by the use of this mobile application. Customers will not need to go through the frustration of about using other tedious payment systems. They can easily pay using their handheld devices and promptly get a notification of the successful transaction. Business owners will not lose money in case a customer is unable to use a credit card. By reducing the trouble a customer may have otherwise gone through to make a purchase, the business owner greatly increases sales.

There is no longer a reason to get lost and arrive late at a business meeting. The iBeacon clearly shows the exact location of the person or venue where you have to be. It is easier to use a handheld device to trace your steps that to struggle with a map.

Unlike almost similar apps that are already in the market, the iBeacon app development from Mindinventory provides users with an exciting experience. Easy to follow interfaces and pleasant color tones and graphics make the use of the application very interesting. Customers can even use personalized feelings while interacting using the mobile app.

Mindinvetory has unveiled the future to its customers who are interested in creating better work practices at their business. By making this easily available, business owners can handle their tasks from anywhere. Partners can exchange business documents and also track their products or services via iBeacon.

The mobile app is useful in over 46 industries. iBeacon benefits people in the manufacturing, retail, business operations, information, location finding and healthcare industries among many others. The app is customized to suit the needs of the user to achieve the desired result.

About Mindinventory
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