Mindinventory Expands Its IT Portfolio, Launches Golang Development Services

Expanding its existing cart of IT services, Mindinventory has recently launched its Golang Development Services to build robust applications for businesses.


Middleburg Heights, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2019 --Mindinventory, one of the most revered mobile and web development companies operating in India and USA, recently launched its Golang development services. With this, the IT company has added yet another service to its expansive portfolio.

The company has been proactive in integrating new programming languages and software since its inception. It has further established its footprint in blockchain development, JavaScript development, CMS and Ecommerce as well.

Over the years, the company has emerged as one of the pioneers in the IT domain. Mindinventory has got a global clientele, and the firm prioritizes the quality of its services in the professional circuit. Presently, the company houses some of the best creative talents in India on its deck.

What is Golang?

The Golang programming language was developed by Google. It has been gaining popularity quite swiftly in the industry. Go, or GoLang is a general-purpose open source programming language, developed to create efficient software. The language is statistically typed and compiled, and in recent years, it is being used in web development. In terms of syntax, it is similar to C. Golang has been gaining popularity as it offers developers access to free tools, source codes and compilers.

It should be noted that as a programming language, Golang is object-oriented and multi-paradigm. The toolchain targets several platforms, including BSD, Linux, Plan9, Windows and MacOS. Mindinventory has an experienced pool of experts, who can write simple programs. These are compiled to the machine code quickly, and it can benefit the developers in terms of power of run-time reflection and garbage collection.

As a celebrated Golang development company, Mindinventory develops server-based applications, supported by various web frameworks like gin and echo. Presently, it is collaborating with clients on various projects that involve cloud computing and other technologies.

The Golang programing language comes with a package system, where every package has a path. The operation of the program commences in the main package. The language has inbuilt technologies and a library to support the writing of concurrent programs. Collaborating with Mindinventory, companies can now benefit in terms of scalability and productivity in their projects, implementing the technologies seamlessly.

Advantages of Integrating the Golang Programming Language

Developers can benefit in several ways on integrating the Golang programming language:

- Go requires static coding, which simplifies the overall task for developers. It is not necessary to implement languages other than simple English.

- The documentation of pages is simplified, as developers can take advantage of GoDoc. The process also saves substantial amount of time. All the libraries or application in Go comes in the same format.

- In terms of performance, Go is better than versions 2 and 3 of Python. The reason is Golang has a greater CPU scalability besides having a concurrency model.

- No third-party library or web framework is necessary to provide additional support to Golang.

- Combining all the libraries, modules and dependencies, one can compile Golang into a single binary.

- Golang supports static typing, which enables developers to resolve bug issues seamlessly.

- The programming language comes with the Garbage Collection feature. This automates memory management, enabling developers to come up with simple interfaces.

- Developers can also benefit from the debugging support and IDE, which can minimize the coding time by as much as 80%.

- The large Golang community is ready to support the developers.

Mindinventory has seasoned Golang engineers, adroit in using all the features of the programming language. The company presently serves a wide segment of the industry, creatively developing enterprise apps with customized features as per client requirements. Clients can choose from different pricing modules that befit their budget. The company has implemented its strict code of practices, which helps it in maintaining a close bond with the clients.

Business firms can hire expert Golang developers, based on both full-time and part-time engagement modules. They can also hire the experts on an hourly basis and enjoy reasonable rates.

About Mindinventory
Mindinventory is a leading IT company, developing mobile and web applications, and software. Over the years, it has expanded its portfolio of services. The experts working here are highly experienced and have steered the company toward greater professional goals. The clients collaborating with the company enjoy good ROI. This apart, Mindinventory also works toward continuous improvement and seeks to explore the untapped sectors of industry with a view to expanding its clientele.