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Dr. Hooman M Melamed is a Los Angeles based Orthopedic Spine Surgeon who specializes in cutting edge patient treatment and care including the use of minimally invasive spine surgery. His office is located at 13160 Mindanao Way, Suite 300 Marina del Rey, CA (310-574-0405).


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/23/2015 --Minimally invasive spinal surgery, also referred to as MISS, is an alternative to traditional surgeries that often result in large, unsightly scars, a much longer recuperation time, and a rather costly stay in the hospital. MISS essentially reduces patient recovery time while minimizing anxiety and discomfort simultaneously. Unlike traditional open surgeries, MISS does not require the moving of the muscle tissue in order to get an unobstructed view of the spine. Bone grafts and screw insertions are not required as well.

One of the more significant dangers with open back surgery is the possible damage to the soft tissues surrounding the spinal column due to the muscle retraction that occurs during the recovery process. This retraction can lead to even more back pain and discomfort that is completely unrelated to the initial medical disorder. Because MISS is far less invasive, the recovery time and possible negative side effects are greatly reduced.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery is accomplished by using highly specialized tools that require much smaller incisions. Dr. Melamed is a high regarded spine surgeon with a special commitment and dedication to minimally invasive surgeries. Because the tissues surrounding the spine are so delicate, MISS procedures must only be undertaken by an experienced spine surgeon with the most advanced medical equipment and surgical techniques. Dr. Melamed is considered a national leader in these revolutionary procedures.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery results in a much more effective surgical procedure that greatly reduces the risks of potential harm or injury to the delicate muscles and soft tissues surrounding the spine. The patient also benefits from far less blood loss during the procedure, a reduced risk of post-surgery infection and a significantly shorter hospital stay. Because the MISS incisions are far smaller than with traditional open back surgery, patients also heal more quickly and are left with much smaller scars.

About Dr. Hooman Melamed
Dr. Hooman Melamed is an orthopedic spine surgeon based in Marina del Rey offering a range of treatment options. Information on the range of specialist spine related procedures offered by Dr. Melamed can be found on his website or by contacting his team directly on 310-574-0405. His primary office is located at 13160 Mindanao Way, Suite 300 Marina del Rey, CA.