Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD

Minneapolis Plastic Surgeons Perform Full Spectrum of Body Procedures

Minneapolis Plastic Surgery, LTD specialists perform body-enhancing procedures for patients seeking body lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction and more


Minneapolis, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2014 --Skilled Minneapolis plastic surgeons perform wide range of cosmetic enhancement procedures. Drs. Doug Gervais and Richard Tholen offer cosmetic procedures for patients looking for body lifts, liposuction, tummy tucks, lower body lifts, implants and more.

The basic body lift is most often performed for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight. This weight loss can be the result of bariatric surgery, successful diet and exercise, or for women post-pregnancy. A body lift tightens and contours loose, excess skin and the underlying muscle and tissue while also removing excess skin and fat. Targeted areas usually include abs, buttocks, thighs, tummy, arms and breasts. The result is smoother body contours and slimmer appearance.

Liposuction is recommended for the more stubborn areas of the body where fat accumulates and can’t be burned away with rigorous exercise. This very safe procedure involves suctioning of body fat through tiny incisions with a small, vacuum-like device. Often, patients resume normal activity after a few days of recovery time, and results are generally exceptional. Liposuction is mainly performed on a client’s arms, tummy, buttocks, thighs, or neck.

A tummy tuck is performed when stubborn tummy fat just can’t be lost after dieting and exercise. A tummy tuck involves removal of fat from the midsection. Loose skin is then tightened after the tummy tuck procedure. Tummy tucks are popular with women after pregnancy, as well as for men and women who lose significant weight but retain loose belly skin.

A lower body lift is recommended for patients who require more extensive tightening and toning following massive weight loss. This procedure is often considered a finishing touch for those who want to tighten the skin around the lower part of the body. The doctors can also perform a variety of cosmetic procedures including male breast reduction, arm lifts, thigh lifts, pectoral implants, calf implants, and more.

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