MirroCool Announces Kickstarter Campaign for World-First Facial Gestures Recognition Smart Mirror and Personal Assistant


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2017 --MirroCool, a touch-free smart mirror and personal assistant hybrid featuring groundbreaking Facial Gesture Recognition Technology (FGR), has announced the launch of a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The campaign is set to launch later May, and early backers will have exclusive access to a variety of rewards and discounts.

MirroCool is a groundbreaking new device that harnesses the power and convenience of a smart mirror and integrates it with the world of touch and voice-free technology to introduce the marvel of FGR. MirroCool takes all the best features in other by mirrors and revolutionizes the device with a proprietary, advanced technology known as Facial Gestures Recognition. FGR can recognize up to 70 unique facial positions and use these to complete a task or other function. With no need to tap or speak, users can make a facial gesture -- such as smiling -- to quickly get all the information they need. FGR conveniently displays anything from upcoming appointments and medical reminders to current traffic and weather conditions.

Wojtek CEO of MirroCool told RPRNmag newsmagazine during an interview, "With the blink of an eye (literally), you can activate your display. That's the beauty of FGR technology." said Wojtek Kaszycki, MirroCool CEO, "Your hands are freed-up for your tasks and the device doesn't have to learn to recognize accents and voices."

Part of the advantage MirroCool offers is a higher level of convenience in planning and scheduling. Owners can use the mirror to remind them of events, appointments, and other plans during their normal morning routine. A quick look at the time can keep even the busiest schedule on-track for the day ahead. Best of all, the mirror can be mounted wherever it is most convenient – the hallway, bathroom, bedroom, and beyond.

Further, MirroCool is equipped with a camera which recognizes registered user profiles through the device. Any time an unregistered profile is detected, users will be alerted through the intuitive MirroCool app. Users can snap selfies using the app and have them sent directly to a mobile phone for quick sharing. The mirror's visual configuration can also be controlled by the widget manager to set up specific alerts and news based on user preferences. As mentioned, the camera can also be activated at any time for security and peace of mind – even if a user is not at home.

The MirroCool Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to start late May. Pre-orders can enjoy a variety of perks for backing the project – including discounted prices, early access, and more. Because these rewards are limited, all interested parties should back the project on the MirroCool Kickstarter page as soon as possible.

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