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Misinformed Parents of College-Bound Children Lose Tens of Thousands Each Year Reveals California College Planning Expert

Amidst a student loan crisis and state budget challenges, controversial California college planner reveals “inside secrets” on how to save $5,500-$45,500 in college costs...per year!.


San Rafael, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/05/2010 -- Despite daily, gloomy stories about public university budget cuts and the student loan crisis, a local authority on college funding shows parents how to save tens of thousands of dollars off college costs, even if they’ve been told that they make too much money for financial aid.

“One of the most pervasive myths is that parents making six-figure incomes should not bother applying for financial aid,” says Fred and Dave, of Progressive College Planning in San Rafael. “Unfortunately, about 53% of eligible families never even bother applying for financial aid! And there’s a ton of aid to be had – about $137 Billion. And much of that is grants and scholarships - free money that never has to be paid back!”

Another surprise – it can be cheaper to attend an “expensive,” prestigious, private college compared to the “cheaper,” local public university. “The reason is that the private schools have more money to give by way of their endowments. We show this to parents on a daily basis,” Dave and Fred say “Given what’s happening in California's universities, out of state private colleges are becoming an increasingly attractive option for parents concerned about giving their children the best education possible. The trick is to understand which colleges award the best aid packages, how to position your finances to receive the maximum amount of aid you’re eligible for and how to get into these colleges!”

Fred and Dave will host 2 free workshops on these and other college planning “inside secrets” this month in the San Rafael area:

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Families of college-bound freshmen, sophomores and juniors should pre-register on the website or by calling 415-888-776-5727. Pre-registration is mandatory as the workshops are frequently overbooked.