MJJ Internet Ventures, LLC Launches Website Featuring Online Intuitive Readings


Florissant, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2014 --Mary Jones is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.WhenUNeedAnswers.com. The website offers mini intuitive readings that are intended to help customers get the answers that they need to help them solve problems, reach a goal, or find direction in their lives. Jones has been doing readings since 1985 and decided that it was time to make her services available over the internet. The website is built to make these readings available to a wider range of people from many different areas.

Customers are able to set up a variety of different intuitive readings about a wide number of topics on WhenUNeedAnswers.com. On the website, customers are able to set up fifteen minute intuitive readings that can cover a range of topics including romance, health, and life direction. During the readings customers ask a question and Jones uses her cards to find information that she will then help customers interpret. These are just short readings that are meant to be informative as well as fun. In the future, Jones is planning to offer some other types of services including aura cleaning and readings done with stones that have colors and symbols on them.

Providing customers with unique readings that are unlike the psychic readings they might be able to get elsewhere is important to Jones when it comes to the readings that she offers on WhenUNeedAnswers.com. All of the readings are based on her Quest for Intuitive Side cards. These are not the same as the usual tarot decks that many other people might use. She focuses on shorter readings that are designed to be lighthearted and enjoyable.

In addition to her main website, Jones is also launching a blog located at http://www.TheRightAnswersBlog.com. The blog will cover topics that are related to intuitive readings. Jones will be talking about why it is important to be in tune with your intuitive side, how she can help people do this, the purpose of her readings, and what kinds of things these can help people discover. The goal of her blog is to give customers more information to decide if this type of reading is right for them.

About WhenUNeedAnswers.com
WhenUNeedAnswers.com, a division of MJJ Internet Ventures, LLC, is owned and operated by Mary Jones.

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