MJT Global Enterprises, LLC Launches Website Offering Quality Pet Supplies

Founder of MJT Global Enterprises, LLC, Mary Tucker, is proud to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, FurrificPetStore.com; the website offers a wide selection of pet supplies including dog supplies, cat supplies, fish supplies, supplies for small pets, and reptile supplies. For more information, visit the website's blog at PetStoreBlog.com.


Palm Coast, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2015 --Mary Tucker is pleased to announce the creation and launch of her new website venture, http://www.FurrificPetStore.com. The website offers a wide range of pet supplies for all kinds of different pets including dog supplies, fish supplies, small pet supplies, reptile supplies, and cat supplies. Tucker was inspired to start her website by her own experience with training dogs for the last forty years. She always wanted to have a pet store so opening one online was the most logical option.

There are many high quality pet supplies offered within the merchandise of FurrificPetStore.com. The website carries products including citronella collars, PetSafe bark collars, self-cleaning litter boxes, wireless dog fences, dog grooming tables, Drinkwell fountains, heated dog beds, dog agility training equipment, Motorola pet surveillance cameras, and much more. The website also offers a wide selection of training collars, including Sportdog training collars, which customers can use when training their dogs. In the future, Tucker is going to continue to add more products to her website as they become available. By continuing to add products, she hopes to keep her website up to date with what is new and innovative for pet care and training.

Providing a wide selection of different items in a range of prices is very important to Tucker regarding FurrificPetStore.com. She offers products for all pets and has a wide assortment of brands available. Since she knows a lot about pets and about dog training specifically, she has many items that she knows are useful and are the products that people are going to want.

In addition to the main website, Tucker is also launching a blog located at http://www.PetStoreBlog.com

The blog will cover topics related to pets and pet care. Tucker will be writing about training animals, how dogs and cats learn, and how different products can be helpful to pet owners. The goal of the blog is to provide customers with additional information that they might need to care for and train their pets.

About FurrificPetStore.com
FurrificPetStore.com, a division of MJT Global Enterprises, LLC, is owned and operated by Web entrepreneur Mary Tucker.

Mary Tucker

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