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Mobalab Announces the Launch of Commet, an Advanced Search Engine for Collaboration Apps

Web service startup Mobalab has just announced the official launch of its new app search engine, Commet. Designed to help optimize remote work, Commet will offer users a more effective alternative to find and access conversations, files, documents, and reports by searching GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Bitbucket, and many other software platforms at the same time.


Mobara, Chiba -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/02/2017 --Mobalab is delighted to announce that its recently developed app search engine, Commet, is now up and running. A web service startup run by experienced industry professionals, Mobalab has developed Commet with the mission to improve the efficiency of developers and remote workers around the world. Functionally speaking, this is an app search engine that can significantly improve the efficiency of people and teams that use multiple different collaboration apps while working.

In today's modern work environment, remote work has become a preferred alternative for many organizations across the globe. In general, remote workers communicate online, and most of their messages remain stored online. Many of these workers often complain that it is extremely difficult to find specific information because it is scattered across different online platforms.

Mobalab's recently launched product, Commet, will allow users to text search GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Bitbucket, and many other software tools at the same time, making it possible to easily find and access important conversations, reports, documents, and files without wasting time searching each app individually. Commet collects and analyzes data from the APIs of the services, offering users the freedom to text search all the platforms simultaneously. Remote developers make up Mobalab's initial target group for the product. However, its long-term vision is to help make all remote workers more efficient than ever before.

Some of the most useful features of Commet include the following:

- In addition to results with matching keywords, Commet also helps users understand the context by showing the previous and follow-up communications.

- With several filtering and refining options, Commet helps search conversations from previous days, find replies from specific users, and get accurate results for each query.

- Commet can be used by multiple teams.

- Commet integrates with GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Bitbucket, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, ChatWork, Redmine, Backlog, and many other services.

Mobalab reports that Commet was recently submitted to the Slack App Directory and has been approved.

More about Commet can be found at

About Mobalab
Mobalab is a small web service startup owned and managed by experienced industry professionals. The company has just introduced its maiden product, Commet, an app search engine capable of finding and accessing conversations, files, documents, and reports by searching GitHub, Slack, Google Drive, Bitbucket, and many other software platforms.