MOBE Provides Licensing Kits and Expertise for Home Business Development

Online marketing development team MOBE provides simple, informative training on licensing for home business entrepreneurs


Perth, Australia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/10/2014 --My Online Business Empire, or MOBE, provides comprehensive toolkits that contain a wide range of insider knowledge for home business entrepreneurs interested in building an online marketing empire. One of the core tenets in successful online marketing enterprises is a depth of licensing knowledge. Most entrepreneurs when just starting out on their online marketing home business journey don’t know much, if anything, about licensing and how important it is to making a business successful. The MOBE Licensing Kit is built from an in-depth, easy-to-consume 7-day training course. This course provides the basic fundamentals to licensing and the tools for growing that foundation into a successful business. MOBE experts license existing products and generate income without needing any R&D or development investments. They just market what’s already available - money without creating anything personally.

Selling products online is a $5.4 billion dollar-a-year industry. Licensing allows marketers to access that revenue pipeline without the initial investment of building a product or brand. In fact, MOBE’s Licensing Toolkit explores how, with this method, a marketer can avoid the exhausting product creation process and the development of lengthy guides, take advantage of existing online training areas and tutorial videos, build upon product design and marketing that is already in place, use existing testimonials, exploit testing and tweaking offers to increase sales with the provided tools, and leverage brand awareness that is already built.

About The MOBE Licensing Kit
The MOBE Licensing Kit describes how licensing is a major opportunity for marketers in the 21st century. Entrepreneurs building home-based online marketing enterprises can make money selling other people’s products without the lengthy, complex and expensive process of building a brand. Marketers will learn how to identify high-performance products, approach info-product creators, and negotiate licensing deals that make profits. In the module “Licensing 101: The Ultimate ‘How To’ Guide to Licensing Millions,” marketers will be introduced to licensing fundamentals and how to apply that knowledge to cutting-edge products. Included is a glossary and guidebook of terms, definitions, and basic concepts that create a solid knowledge foundation for profitable licensing. The second module, “Principles of Licensing Mastery,” the principles of licensing are explained in a series of short, easy video lessons that break down the crucial subjects: Finding Proven Offers, Approaching Product Creators, and Negotiating Winning Deals.

The final module is the “PhD Seminar: Licensing In the 21st Century,” where the history of licensing is explored and the future of licensing is developed. This module explains basic legal principles and how to use this knowledge to creatively market with various licensing opportunities.

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