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Cromosys Recently Launched Hire Mobile App Developer Services Which Has Proved Cost Effective for Small Businesses

Developing custom mobile application can weigh heavily on one’s budget. However, hiring a dedicated mobile app developer from Cromosys is surprisingly affordable and quick.


Queens, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/15/2015 --The cost advantage of hiring dedicated mobile app developer from Cromosys in some cases is merely 1/5th of the cost of developing the same custom application from most other companies. Clients interested in their hire dedicated resource services can share requirements on and receive no-obligation quote within one business day.

The reason for their low price quote is in their strong execution processes, expert team and advanced technical infrastructure.All these combined reduces iteration cycle and ensures quality mobile applications that work precisely as per the client's requirements. Their technical expertise includes mobile app development for iPhone, iPad, Android and cross-platform app development on PhoneGap.

"Process is the key to deliver projects with results, every time," emphasizes Mitul Patel, the founder and chief business analyst at Cromosys. Every project first goes to the app analyst's table where the requirements are examined to minute details and clarified with the client. Any deviations from client's expectations and project feasibility are then worked out. This gives the dedicated resource a clear pathway to work on and minimizes the chances of iterations when the prototype is sent for client's feedback. The final solution is then thoroughly tested for user-experience and functionality.

"We have a different perspective on cost of application development," remarked Mitul. Choosing Cromosys not only significantly reduces app development costs in terms of affordable rates,but also brings down the overall time from conceptualizing it and finally rolling out the application.

Fewer number of hours required combined with competitive hourly rates gives their clients the freedom to build their unique apps within their budget. This is because projects are professionally handled by experts in their field, which reduces revisions and client's involvement in the entire process to the minimum.

Furthermore, the most important benefit of hiring a dedicated resource from this India-based company is the access to their advanced infrastructure that ensures quality-tested solutions. Their technical amenities for development, testing and data security conforms the modern standards.

One of their US-based client remarked about their services, "The dedicated resource at Cromosys developed world-class apps for us that look amazing and work even more amazingly. With the budget we had, Cromosys definitely delivered 10x of it."

Regular reporting of the project's progress status keeps the process transparent and avoids hassles often caused by communication gap. In fact, seamless communication with overseas clients is the most appreciated element of hiring dedicated mobile app developer from Cromosys.

Their services extend to other IT companies looking to sub-contract their mobile app development projects. They can scale resources to hiring one developer or have a dedicated team to work on their project.

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Cromosys,, having offices in USA and India, is a leading one-stop IT solution provider for developing customized applications for mobile, web and ecommerce. Cromosys provides mobile app development services for iPhone, iPad, Android and PhoneGap to small businesses, individuals and sub-contractors.

Contact Details:Hiring dedicated mobile app developer from Cromosys has helped companies and individuals to gain cutting-edge advantage in terms of cost and quality for their custom application development.

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