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Mobile Phone Apps Can Increase Brain Health Say the Developers Behind Word Game Skootch

Skootch is a word app games that brings the player hours of fun. It's a great way to get the mind pumping and avoid the brain muscles wasting away.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2016 --On 3rd April 1973, when a Motorola researcher and executive by the name of Martin Cooper made the first mobile telephone call, no one expected that one day these phones would replace telephone boxes, and nearly everyone in the world would have one. When the Apple App Store launched in July 2008, no one expected that one day apps would be used to improve a person's health, but that is what has happened according to the developers behind the popular mobile app word game Skootch.

Kooque Studios who are the developers behind the word game app believe mobile phone apps are not getting the credit they deserve. A lot of people think apps are just there for games and pass time, but that is not the case according to Kooque Studios. The developers behind Skootch, which gets the brain pumping and increases the speed of the mind, explained word games and brain games could reduce the risk of dementia.

There are 47.5 million people around the world with dementia, and according to the World Health Organization (, 7.7 million new cases are reported each year. That shows the battle against dementia is not being won, but there is hope. An England Journal of Medicine study in 2002 ( revealed that people who engage in mental activity such as word games on mobile phones can improve the memory and reduce the risk of dementia. The report stated that people are 63% less likely to develop dementia if they keep their brain occupied and fine-tuned through mental exercise including the word game Skootch. An article published by the popular world famous newspaper The Mail backed up the claims that word games can help keep the mind active (, with these reports more people are now playing word games to exercise their brain.

Matthew Wilson, founder of Skootch said: "Keeping the mind active is a great way of reducing memory problems. As a person gets older, the brain can become slower, which can include memory loss. By keeping the mind active it can improve its performance and according to experts reduce the risk of dementia."

Kooque Studios would like to see more studies undertaken in how mobile phones can help increase the brain power. Health experts have already stated that word games can help people avoid memory problems, but Kooque Studios would like to see more studies to see what else mobile phone apps can do to improve people's health. By looking at studies, more apps can be developed and turn people's phones into more than just something to text on or phone family and friends, it could become the most important health accessory available.

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About Skootch
Skootch is a free iOS app, available in the App Store. It has become one of the most exciting and addictive word games of 2016.

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