mobiPET Is the World's First Amber Alert for Pets


Lewis Center, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2014 --mobiPET LLC today launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $15,000 to launch its lost pet photo alert program. mobiPET is the first ever security/recovery system for Pets utilizing patented mobile image recognition technology.

mobiPET is the first product that lets pet owners activate an immediate search for their lost pet from their cell phone.” It’s kinda like a virtual Lost Pet Poster service” offered by mobiPET’s co founder and chief pet finder, Dave Ropes

According to statistics, 1 in 3 pets will get lost during their lifetime, 10,000 pets are reported missing every week and without ID, 90% of lost pets never return home.

mobiPET puts the pet owner in control of alerting others that their pet has gone missing and increases the chances that their pet will be found. With microchips, the pet must be found first. According to a leading microchip manufacturer, over 50% of all pets carrying microchips are never registered by their owners.

mobiPET works across all mobile phone service carriers, all camera-enabled cell phones with text messaging capability and requires no apps and no software downloads.

Pet owners can preorder their mobiPET kit, for a onetime, lifetime cost of $24.95, which contains an engraved metal tag with a unique pet ID code along with three key tags with the text instructions on what to do if the pet goes missing.

The pet owner is then prompted by the sales material to register through their cell phone or from their computer. Once registered, the pet owner can go to the web site and click in as a member and check and/or edit their information at any time.

If a pet goes missing, the owner texts the word LOST from their cell phone to A photo alert and owner contact information goes out by email to all Animal Shelters, Vets, Boarders within a 30 mile radius and by text to all registered neighbor’s cell phones within a 2 mile radius of where the pet went missing. If someone travels with his/her pet(s) and the pet goes missing, he/she will receive a text message to verify his/her location or enter a new one. The alert will then go out from the new location.

“We wanted to give the pet owner a better solution for what could they do if their pet went missing” said co founder Aram Kovach.

Between now and March 25th, 2014, mobiPET hopes to raise $15,000. Those interested can get in on “one time, lifetime only” pricing for $24.95. The national launch retail price is set for $24.95 with an annual renewal fee of $9.95.

mobiPET is using Selfstarter to earn funds for its project. This is the platform that was developed by the creators of Lockitron.

The company expects to begin shipping the mobiPET kit to customers in the 2nd quarter 2014. Please visit to get one today.

About Mobius
mobiPET is the first and only mobile marketing solution using image recognition that works across all carriers and all cell phones globally and requires no downloads. Mobius responds in the primary language of the country the message comes from.

Mobius is an image recognition system designed to work with any camera-enabled mobile phone. When a user sends an image to Mobius, it receives, identifies, and replies with a custom message or unique mobile content.

Mobius mobile image recognition technology is also used in the mobiLUX, mobiSHADES and mobiBIZ applications.

Mobius can provide rich media and immersive content for users with an unlimited data plan, however for those without a short video is still provided to enhance the user experience for all. The Mobius service in itself is free, but users will pay any data charges associated with their mobile phone service contract. Standard carrier messaging and data rates apply.

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