Mobissue – Convert PDF to Flipbook for Mobile Viewing

Mobissue offers users a platform for converting PDF into flipbook and gives mobile users an opportunity to view and read on any mobile device.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/06/2017 --With more people using their mobile devices to view and read their content, software developers are competing to provide an easy and seamless experience to the users. Mobissue is one of the leading companies on this end. It is providing a solution where conversion of PDF to flipbook is easy. The software allows users to convert their PDF files to flip page book that can be easily viewed or read on any mobile device.

Apart from better viewing and reading of the content, converting a PDF file to flipbook allows the user to add much enrichment. Whether a marketer in business or just a casual user who wants to have an improved view, he has an appealing way for presenting content in a website. The difference between a PDF and a flipbook is that one gets multiple ways of enriching the content. Flipbook can be enriched with multiple kinds of interactive features which include links which can take the visitors to the relevant pages in a website which a marketer or a business person would like the visitors to view. Also, Mobissue gives the options of pop up, animations, videos that can be added to make the flipbook interactive.

In a study that was released recently, it was found that eighty percent of smartphone users expect the webpages or files to take not more than two seconds to load. The same study found that consumers normally ignore any file that takes more than two seconds to load. Compared with the loading time of a PDF file, the loading time of a flipbook is significantly reduced, which allows readers to access information they require instantly. "You do not have to wait for a large file to transmit on your mobile device." said Winston Zhang, CEO of Mobissue while articulating the benefits that readers get from the flipbook created by Mobissue.

About Mobissue
Mobissue is a digital magazine publishing company which offers users worldwide a solution to convert PDFs or images into flipbooks that can be viewed and read on any mobile device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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