Mobissue Flipbook Software Now Makes the PDF Pages Flip Like a Paper Book

Usually, the multiple pages of PDF files turn to the next page vertically, but now the Mobissue flipbook software can make the PDF pages flip over horizontally like a realistic paper book.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2017 --People who live in today's world tend to use their mobile devices in order to get most of the day to day work done. As a result, they tend to go through PDF books. However, people still prefer to get the unique experience of using an old school book. Mobissue, a flipbook software, has the ability to assist them by transforming PDF books into flipbooks.

When it comes to a PDF file, people need to scroll vertically in order to go to the next page. Mobissue can transform the same PDF into a flipbook, where users can flip over the pages horizontally. This can deliver the unique experience of using a realistic paper book.

As per Winston Zhang, the CEO of Mobissue, the primary objective of Mobissue is to make the PDF files closer to users. In fact, most of the people are packed with tight schedules and they don't have time to go through books. But if they can download the books to their mobile devices, they would be able to read them on the go. Mobissue can add a more realistic touch to the PDF files by making the pages flip like in a real book.

The Mobissue flipbook software comes along with a variety of useful features as well. The ability of creating a personal portfolio homepage holds a prominent place out of them. It can be created automatically by adding a profile image and a custom banner. This homepage can then be shared with multiple digital publications instantly.

Mobissue software can also be used to create a collection of publications. The built-in functionalities of the tool allow the collection to be shared with the outlook of a Newsstand. The ability of this software to collect mobile publications automatically is impressive. Mobissue has their own advertising platform and it has been paired with the flipbook software. This can allow users to offer their advertisements or other notifications to readers. Advertisements that should be provided with a specific issue can be added to a specific folder. When that specific issue is finished loading, the advertisements would be shown in a pop-up window. On the other hand, users are provided with the ability to change the messages at any time they want and they don't have to re-create the issue.

Mobissue comes with the feature to manage subscribers as well. In fact, all the subscribers can be managed through a single interface. This interface can also be used to figure out more information about the people who subscribe to mobile publications. Publications that are created with Mobissue can instantly be shared across multiple social media networks. This is one of the most convenient methods available for the publishers to enhance visibility. Moreover, useful statistics can also be obtained about all the mobile publications, which can be used to gain useful insights. All these features make Mobissue flipbook software an innovative tool for mobile publishers in today's world.

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About Mobissue
Mobissue Software Co. Ltd is a leading provider of digital publishing software in the world. Their main focus lies in research and development of a range of e-publishing software developed by themselves for enhanced user efficiency.