Mobissue Flipbook Software: Safer and More Secure Digital Publishing Solution

Mobissue’s online cloud platform gives digital publishers more security and safety for their content. It is no problem to publish with Mobissue to protect the document.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2017 --World leading digital publishing solutions provider, Mobissue, recently announced the launch of its online cloud platform, designed to help secure content through restrictive access and protection of mobile content.

The Mobissue flipbook software also comes with a platform that allows users to keep their content private, and of course, away from unsolicited access. With the current trend in content theft and the threat attached to such circumstance, it is important for digital content publishers to guard their content jealously.

The security for the mobile content feature is available in the pro package of Mobissue, with such features as Private and Mobissue Cloud. Both features are designed and integrated into Mobissue, to ensure the safety and security of mobile contents created by digital publishers.

The Private feature is cloud-based, and it is intended to restrict access to the content of publishers and protect the mobile content. This also allows users to leverage on their database to authenticate users remotely.

The Mobissue cloud feature, on the other hand, is designed for digital content publishers and creators that do not want their work displayed on the Explore section of Mobissue. Such users can simply keep the content private by putting them on the Mobissue cloud.

Users who are interested in this software can check out more details on Mobissue.

About Mobissue
Mobissue Software Co. Ltd is a digital publishing solutions provider, focused on researching and developing a wide range of e-publishing software for diverse users across the globe. The Mobissue flipbook software, which is one of the leading digital publishing solutions, is designed to work all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows8, and the web.