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Mod Girl Founder Debunks Myth That "Intelligence, Not Image" Is Everything for Brands

Razorfish CEO Michael Karg argues that “Intelligence, Not Image” is what matters for brands going into 2016. Mandy McEwen, founder of digital consulting firm Mod Girl Marketing adamantly disagrees, making a case for why image is still everything in online branding.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2015 --Razorfish CEO Michael Karg recently told the UK Guardian that "Intelligence, rather than image" will shape the future of marketing. "For the first time, a marketer's core competency needs to be around data and technology, not messaging and imagery," he said.

Mandy McEwen, founder of digital consulting firm Mod Girl Marketing adamantly disagrees, making a case for why image is still everything in online branding. Her in-depth analysis can be found in the most recent blog post at

"Executives are scrambling to find the latest software solution that will deliver their demographic to them on a platter, but we feel that's a misguided approach," says McEwen. "While big data and analytics are undoubtedly important, marketers can't lose sight of the way website design, brand name and logo, blog content, ads and social media responses create public perception and influence sales."

She adds that business intelligence should be used to refine and split-test design, but should not be the primary focus for a team. "As a consultant, I do help brands find the technological solutions they need to run a tight ship," she says. "However, I also stress that creative brainstorming, content creation and investment in key personnel to oversee online customer service trumps website utilities, automated emails and optimized banner ads every time."

In Mod Girl's most recent blog entry, eight key points are discussed:

- Branding is about the consumer, not the brand.
- Aesthetics breathe new life into older brands.
- Branding evokes emotion, which influences behavior.
- Brand "appearance" online encompasses more than aesthetic looks.
- A cohesive brand image breeds loyalty.
- Branding is about building relationships.
- How a business appears online clinches sales or loses prospects forever.
- In a competitive atmosphere, skill and knowledge are not enough.

Brands are always reinventing themselves, says McEwen. "You might look at a brand like Apple and say, 'They're good. They've got the image. They can sit back and just use technology to maintain their customer relationships." But that's simply not true. Apple, like other enduring brands, will continue to invest heavily in content, image, new logos and messages that resonate with modern consumers."

The brands Mod Girl Marketing work with don't want to blow their entire budget on tools and technologies. Working with the firm saves the average business over $40,000 a year by providing access to Bright Local, Raven Tools, Hootsuite, AWeber, Release Wire and Sprout Social. McEwen's team provides strategic guidance based on analytic reports, so medium-to-large-size businesses can focus on directing the creative teams to produce better web designs, smarter content and more robust customer support.

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