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Mod Girl Founder Shares Why Most SEO Copywriters Are Stuck in the Past

Marketing Consultant Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing works with many clients who have had a static copywriting process for years, using old, now obsolete tactics like keyword-cramming and link-farming for search engine optimization. A recent blog post details eight copywriting myths some writers are stubbornly continuing, though the industry has changed.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/29/2015 --While some digital marketing practices -- like creating relevant content, personalized email marketing and pay per click advertising -- will always provide gains for advertisers, Search Engine Optimization guidelines are ever-changing. Mod Girl Marketing Consultant Mandy McEwen says most copywriting teams are stuck in the Stone Age and are operating based on outdated beliefs.

"Just as you wouldn't want someone operating on you who hadn't received any additional training since graduating from medical school decades ago, you wouldn't want someone writing your copy who has been using the same old tactics and techniques since 1999," Mandy explains.

"Another problem we come across is that writers come across one alarmist article and take an extreme position that doesn't reflect reality," she adds. "For instance, Google's Matt Cutts made a post last January about the 'decay and fall of guest posting.' So many writers ceased the practice altogether and began espousing that guest posting was detrimental for brands when, in reality, there are still substantial gains to be made from aligning oneself with quality, multi-author blogs like The Huffington Post or Boing Boing. As Matt Cutts later clarified, you don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You just have to be smarter in your approach."

In a recent blog post, Mandy discusses eight common myths many SEO copywriters mistakenly believe, including:

- Keyword density should range from 2-10 percent and needs to include exact Google search terms.
- Or, conversely, only "natural" writing matters, so keyword research has become irrelevant.
- Press release anchor text is the best way to get lots of links.
- All copy needs to be 1,500 words or longer to provide "value" for the reader.
- All headings and headlines must contain the most competitive keywords.
- Outbound links shouldn't be included in the text because it will make people leave the site.
- Guest posting is dead – and can get your site banned from search engines.
- Outsourcing SEO copywriting is too expensive, so it's better to do in-house.

Mod Girl Marketing specializes in bringing old-fashioned copywriting and marketing practices into the 21st Century. Mandy's team of digital marketing consultants, SEO experts, social media marketers and copywriters are continually researching best practices and tailoring their strategies to the individual client's results.

"Far too many marketers have a formula they use for every client," says Mandy. "We don't automatically sign up every client for a laundry list of services. We cherry-pick the particular services that will serve a client's organizational goals, that research proves effective for their industry. As time goes on, we monitor progress to invest dollars where leads are paying off. We're starting to see big marketing firms that milk business based on the big brands they've worked with lose customers to smaller boutique firms like us because we offer a modernized approach and operate based on concrete Data to improve our clients' bottom line."

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