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Mod Girl Marketing Acknowledges Clients That Are Leading the Way for Breast Cancer Awareness

Mod Girl Marketing discusses how some of their clients are taking great strides to promote Breast Cancer Awareness – not just for the month of October, but every single day. They work with plastic surgeons and survivors who are making a difference.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/27/2015 --For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mod Girl Marketing puts the spotlight onto three of their clients who work tirelessly to support the cause -- not just for this month – but every day of their lives.

Debbie Madden is the CEO of Stride, an Agile consultancy based in NYC that sets up on-site partnerships with companies in need of coding support. Several weeks ago, Debbie was diagnosed with Stage 2 Breast Cancer, prompting her to pen an inspirational article about her experience.

"I give Debbie so many kudos," says Mod Girl® Founder, Mandy McEwen. "Being a tech CEO put so much on your plate as it is, but she's also a wife and mother struggling with this heavy diagnosis. She has taught me so much about life with her outlook. Her catchphrases like 'Embrace your new normal' and 'Embrace your 50,000 coaches' are now widely circulated around my office as well."

Another client, Dr. K. Roxanne Grawe of ROXY Plastic Surgery in Columbus, Ohio, is a skilled plastic surgeon specializing in breast reconstruction and a tireless advocate for patients' rights. She spent several years writing members of Congress about the need to better inform breast cancer patients about their options for breast reconstruction. Last year, the state passed a bipartisan bill requiring surgeons to let all patients know they could receive new breasts (covered by insurance) at the same time as their mastectomy procedure, without any increase in complication rates.

"Dr. Grawe took her unique experiences working with breast cancer patients on the frontlines of medical care and used them for the greater good," explains Mandy McEwen. "It's no surprise that the mayor and vice mayor presented her with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month proclamation this month. Hopefully the rest of the country follows suit so breast cancer patients have full awareness of their options for moving on from the diagnosis."

Triple-board-certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Halpern of Tampa, FL is another client who is passionate about the cause. Though he doesn't do breast reconstruction explicitly, he participates in local Florida events that support breast cancer charities and works with many patients who have beat breast cancer. His consultations with these patients assuage any concerns they may have about seeking implants or plastic surgery in the wake of their diagnosis. He also stresses the importance of routine mammograms.

"I had always thought implants would interfere with mammograms," Mandy McEwen admits. "I have learned so many interesting facts about plastic surgery from working on Dr. David Halpern's blog and website. He really is a wealth of patient safety resources and information for breast cancer survivors looking for a makeover and for patients from all other walks of life as well."

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