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Mod Girl Marketing Launches New Website and Offers Free Mini Website Audits to Qualifying Businesses

Mod Girl Marketing has refined their offerings with a new website launch following nearly a decade of successful brand-building online. To celebrate the new Mod Girl 2.0, the team is offering free mini website audits to qualifying businesses.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/12/2016 --Mod Girl Marketing has refined their offerings and launched a new website at following nearly a decade of successful brand-building online. In the coming weeks, they're offering free mini website audits for qualifying businesses and selling information-packed eBooks geared toward marketing executives, in addition to taking on new consulting clients.

"Like most marketing upstarts, we began as a Jack-of-all-Trades, so to speak," explains Mod Girl Founder Mandy McEwen. "While we were able to achieve first page SEO rankings and better conversions for clients from all walks of life, it became evident over time that we were able to do more for certain types of clients. Our best results have come from marketing consulting partnerships in Healthcare and Technology sectors, so that's where the new website is focused."

Mod Girl Marketing consultants have guided marketing strategies for surgeons, healthcare companies, weight loss centers, app creators, tech consulting firms, cloud companies, SAAS providers, and others.

Some of their accomplishments have been highlighted on the new site in the "Client Success Stories" section, including:

- A 335% increase in leads with an 85% conversion rate within five months for a Columbus, OH plastic surgeon.
- 3,000 new visitors and a click-through rate 1.4x the competition for an Agile consultancy in NYC.
- A 53% increase in time spent on-site and 23% reduction in bounce rate for a B2C honey distributor.
- 113% increase in leads and a 1,512% increase in Facebook referrals in the first month for a Tampa plastic surgeon.
- A web traffic increase of 581% and 100,000 downloads for a tech app geared toward parents.
- Increased referral traffic by 261.44% for a cloud software company.
- A click-through rate of 17.2% (up from 3%) for a medical weight loss email newsletter.

Along with the emphasis on their tradition of success, Mod Girl Marketing wants to emphasize their new, premium audits for growing businesses:

- Mod Inbound Audit
- Mod Content Marketing Audit
- Mod SEO Audit
- Mod Social Media Audit

Prospects can request a specific area (like SEO or Social Media) or have all areas assessed with the Mod Inbound Audit. The Mod Girl process begins with prospects filling out a quick form online. If accepted, the Mod Girl team will examine the company's web presence with a straightforward model that analyzes the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to create the foundation of a solid inbound marketing strategy. Businesses will have the choice to implement Mod Girl's recommendations or partner with them to take their company to the next level.

Mandy explains: "Our ideal clients are basically A-list companies that are at the top of their game, but have certain areas – like email marketing, holistic SEO or conversion optimization – where they need to improve or be more competitive. Maybe they're coming up on a big change like a new campaign or website launch where a third party opinion is essential before investing more money. Some businesses want help defining and documenting their strategy or implementing the latest marketing automation technology to make their day-to-day processes more efficient. We're great for that, too."

She added that Mod Girl Marketing will continue to offer turnkey solutions, white label services for fellow marketing firms, and One-to-One consulting for businesses with a focus on healthcare providers and technology firms. The new direction should help the company continue to achieve the best possible results for their clients and grow their business.

More information can be found on the new site at

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