Modaf Designs Releases a Capsule Collection Blending Current Trends with Afro Influences


Cremona, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2018 --Designer Joy I. Meribe's second foray into the fashion world is a capsule collection designed for every woman. All of the clothing in the collection is available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate women of just about any height and weight. Meribe's goal is for no woman to feel excluded from the collection simply because of her size.

The individual pieces fit in with the trends of the moment, including embellishments like bell and balloon sleeves. Many of the items incorporate hand-cut fabric appliques to add that extra special touch. All of the clothing is handmade at a factory in Italy that also produces clothes for some of the most well-known Italian designers.

The pieces in this capsule collection aren't just designed to follow the current trends, though; they incorporate Afro influences as well in a nod to Meribe's Nigerian heritage. The effect is subtle, yet unmistakable, setting this collection apart from other clothes on the market today. Although many of Meribe's designs are quite unique, they are still classic enough to be worn to the office.

The Modaf Designs first collection was featured in the Milan Fashion Week in 2017, and now Meribe is ready to take the company to the next level by bringing her capsule collection creations to the masses.

To help achieve this goal, she intends to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds needed for full production. The campaign will have a funding goal of 20,000 (about $23,327) and will be launched on 10th September 2018 at 17.30 (EET).

Those who contribute to the campaign will receive steep discounts off the expected retail price of the clothes in the collection. The earliest backers will get 40 percent off. Later in the campaign, the discount will change to 35 percent, followed by 25 percent. Retail outlets that wish to purchase introductory packages of clothing can get the items for 50 percent off.

The campaign will run for 35 days, after which Modaf Designs will move forward with production throughout November and December. Once the clothing has passed through Meribe's meticulous quality control standards, it will be ready for shipment. Meribe expects to ship her products out to customers in January 2019, barring any complications with the manufacturer.