Modern Hydro Shower Cabins Offer a More Unique and Relaxing Shower Experience, Confirms JT Spas


Larne, Northern Ireland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2017 --Nowadays, shower enclosures and cabins are not just places where one can perform hygienic functions – they are havens of comfort that provide anyone with a more relaxing, rejuvenating shower experience, as confirmed by JT Spas.

Bathroom trends are changing quickly. JT Spas knows and understands the changes in bathroom trends, as it has been dealing with bathroom products and other bathroom essentials for a long time. This bathroom product supplier sources its products directly from some of the most established manufacturers around, from Lisna Waters to Aquaplus, Kinedo, Sydney, Aqualux, Alto, Opus, Sensual Spas, and more.

Nowadays, shower areas are no longer just basic enclosed spaces equipped with a single shower head and hot water. The concept of the shower area has changed in recent years, and customers are seeking shower spaces which are more luxurious, comfortable, and convenient. This is where modular shower enclosures come in.

Shower enclosures now come in different sizes which make them ideal for any bathroom size. Along with this, shower cabins and units are often equipped with everything one may need for a complete bathroom shower experience, from the necessities (such as shower heads) to some valuable extras (such as touch control panels, FM radios, and more). One popular example of the completely modern 'hydro shower cabin', as they are also called, is the Lisna Waters offset quadrant shower enclosure. Measuring 1200mm x 800mm, this shower cabin comes with all the accoutrements needed (and wanted) by customers. This includes a white glass finish, touch controls, an FM radio and Bluetooth connection, a thermostatic sensor and a shower valve with a Vernet element, a designer rain shower head, and both an EasyPlumb kit and free fitting kit. But what makes this shower enclosure extra special is its inclusion of a total of 6 back massage jets, which customers agree makes for a unique and most relaxing shower experience.

One other practical feature that makes this Lisna Water shower enclosure a popular buy is its easy installation. JT Spas explains, "…Lisna Waters shower cabins do not require any grouting or tiling; simply install the shower in your space, connect to the water and power and the shower is complete and ready for you to enjoy." In addition, the shower enclosure can easily fit into a bathroom corner, which makes it perfect for smaller bathroom sizes as well.

To learn more about the shower enclosures at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk.

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