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Moellendorf Chiropractic Office Discusses Posture as Cause for Headaches

Dr. J. G. Moellendorf posts treatise on posture and bodily wellness as influencers in the appearance and frequency of headaches


Sturgeon Bay, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2014 --Dr. J. G. Moellendorf of the Moellendorf Chiropractic Office in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin has published an outline of posture-related factors that lead to headache pain for both occasional and chronic sufferers, and how improved posture and wellness and the proper application of chiropractic techniques and technology can lead to a healthier body and a reduction in headache symptoms. Headaches cause a significant reduction in overall quality of life and are a frequent complaint heard by chiropractors when in consultation with patients. For many people, the intensity of their headaches leads them to the Emergency Room. Some headache medications have significant side effects, and some sufferers avoid or seek to avoid medication in search of less chemical impact on the body. Chiropractic therapy is commonly applied in these situations for management of tension headaches.

Dr. Meollendorf realizes that posture has an impact on the frequency and intensity of headache pain, since posture accounts for the development of other problems related to the nervous, muscle and skeletal systems. For example, poor posture is a key factor in the onset and persistence of cervicogenic headaches. Perfect posture cannot be the same for everyone, naturally, and therefore represents a goal rather than a strict blueprint. To judge posture quality, and determine whether one’s posture is correct, viewing a person from the front would see the feet flair slightly outwards symmetrically. The inside arch of the feet would allow enough space for the first joint of an index finger, and ankles would line up with the shin bones, rather than rolling inwards or outwards. The knees will face slightly inwards with hips aligned squarely at the pelvis. Shoulders should be level, with the arms hanging freely, not rolled inward or outwards. The head should be level at the chin, not sulking or jutting. From the side, knees should not show hyperextension or flexing, shoulders should be aligned and level, not pushed forward or backward, and the head should not jut forward or downward.

As posture fails and the head leans forward, the body hunches and the rest of the body’s muscles and bones need to compensate for this to maintain balance. This overcompensation in the shoulder, neck and back muscles leads to strain in that area of supplementation, which often results in headaches. Poor posture can also result in a host of other unhealthy bodily conditions, potentially reducing lung capacity up to 30%. This deficiency contributes to breathing-impaired health and sleeping problems. If left uncorrected, chronic neck pain and headaches can result from the pinching of the top three nerves in the neck. With a regimen of proper chiropractic adjustments, posture retraining and corrective care, as well as strength exercise training, a trained chiropractor can reverse the effects of bad posture and help reduce and possibly eliminate stress headaches. To learn more about Moellendorf Chiropractic Office, visit them online at