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Coral Spring, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/06/2020 --Mold grows fast and can adversely impact commercial or residential property. Air and mold testing are necessary to protect indoor air quality and identify potential health issues.

Mold growth can happen almost anywhere if the conditions are right. Moisture and damp air will increase the rate of growth. Mold can grow whether the temperature is high or low. To control growth, you must ensure proper ventilation and control your humidity levels. If mold is suspected, contact a mold testing company immediately.

High levels of mold circulating through the air have been linked to asthma attacks, nose throat and eye irritation, sinus congestion, aggravated allergies and respiratory issues. The air is contaminated by the settling of mold spores into organic and porous objects. Scheduling a regular mold inspection can protect property and the occupants from exposure by identifying the hidden issues.

Before mold can be removed, several processes are required including testing and inspecting for mold. Specific issue can only be determined by inspecting the residential or commercial property for the presence of mold. This is the best method for determining which type of mold is present and how many mold spores are circulating in the air.

Air and mold testing are not a process easily completed. Qualified and experienced experts are necessary to assess and treat the situation. Proper testing can be conducted by mold testing company. The experts are trained for different results identified by each test despite the remediation efforts. Experts are required to ensure all areas prone to the growth of mold are tested including:

- Wallpaper and drywall
- Basements and attics
- Drapes, furniture, and carpeting
- Components of wet air conditioners and ceiling tiles

A thorough inspection is important due to the lack of rigid guidelines regarding the amount of mold acceptable in a home. The most important component of an inspection will include a visual inspection of a business or home. This requires the use of state of the art equipment during inspection including:

- Particle counters
- Flashlights
- Multiple moisture meters
- Thermal imagery cameras
- Ladders
- Hygrometers

This equipment is necessary for the inspection of any areas potentially containing moisture, stagnant water or hidden issues in place for a long time. Mold and air quality testing services include:

- Visual mold inspection
- Photo documentation of the site
- Temperature and humidity logging for the entire premises
- Surface and air sampling
- Final report including the findings, recommendations and a plan of action
- Survey for building moisture material;
- Samples collected receive a microscopic analysis

Mold testing companies are for the identification of indoor air quality and concerns regarding water damage. Determining if property is in need of mold remediation. When necessary, mold experts will create a detailed report for a mold remediation protocol. Using the information collected for an accurate estimate of the work required.

Guideline for the work required is the mold remediation protocol including how the work needs to be performed. This provides an unbiased scope of work. Providing a variety of services including air and mold testing. To make certain high-quality service, every member of the team is required to complete rigorous training for all of services including remediation procedures.

Taking the necessary steps to make certain all of the technicians and inspectors receive quality training for engineering controls, methods of containment and safety measures. The goal is to ensure the services provided are professional, efficient, effective and performed by a well-trained and experienced team.

Mold and air quality testing are important in West Palm Beach, Miami, Broward County, Coral Springs, Hollywood and all of the surrounding neighborhoods. You can easily schedule an inspection conducted by our professionals. Aeris Indoor Environmental Services offers environmental assessments and testing performed by seasoned pros through South and Central Florida.

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