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Mold Removal Company in New York City Combats Hurricane Sandy Mold

Mold Inspection Company in New York City Takes a Proactive Approach to Combating Hurricane Sandy Mold As Summer Approaches


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/12/2013 --As spring is upon us, so comes the numerous pollens, mold spores, and allergies associated with the coming of the warmer seasons. This particular year in areas affected by the Hurricane Sandy flood waters that were a mix of sea water, raw sewage, trash, and other disgusting things we do not even want to think of; many home owners have been suffering from toxic mold growth cultivating on untreated and contaminated areas all over NYC, causing a tremendous increase in reports of respiratory illnesses and severe allergies.

“When mold colonies start releasing mold spores, is when we start to have an issue with increases in reports of severe mold infestation and allergy cases”, stated a spokesperson for a prestigious mold inspection company in New York City- Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc. “With so many people losing literally everything, our company, subsidiaries, and employees; have all chipped in numerous ways for assisting our community through there darkest hours. As we have dealt with numerous severe storms and hurricanes over the past twenty some odd years, we are very well versed in shaking the proverbial assistance trees by helping residents with completing applications, paperwork, and collecting documentation associated with filing most types of claims for assistance”, closed the certified NYC mold inspectors for this esteemed and established NYC mold remediation company.

As recommended by NYC health officials, thoroughly decontaminating any surfaces exposed to the flood waters caused by Hurricane Sandy flooding should be cleaned immediately. Any wall saturated with this contaminated water needs to be removed, treated, dried, and replaced. As a thorough decontamination process of an entire house or apartment, from the basement to the attic to the HVAC duct work, cleaning all of the entire living area after removing and replacing any contaminated materials, is the only way to endure you have the best air quality in your home while preventing any toxic disease ridden mold from cultivating and flourishing your home or dwelling.

As a hot summer is predicted along with a severe allergy season upon the entire northeast and NYC, taking care of any pre existing mold concerns will make sure a home owner does not get overtaken by a toxic mold infestation. As toxic mold can start flourishing in as little as 24-48 hours, taking care of this contaminated toxic mold issue before it gets out of hand will help ensure the safety of a person’s home along with that of their neighbors and other surrounding buildings.

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