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ByeBye Mold Advises Annual Mold Testing in California

Along with their annual fire alarm battery check-up, it is time for California homeowners and commercial building owners and managers to schedule their annual mold inspection.


Woodland Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2015 --Mold exposure to high levels of indoor toxic mold or black mold can lead to a multitude of illnesses and symptoms, especially in children, the elderly or those with compromised immune systems. All California property owners should be diligent about scheduling their annual mold inspection, to get detection, and testing done in a timely fashion. Water leaks and toxic mold growth should be caught early on before the health of residents and employees and the structural integrity of your property is compromised. Toxic black mold is a common term that refers specifically to Stachybotrys chartarum, but individuals can be allergic to any species of mold, whether or not it is toxic, or produces mycotoxins. Toxic black mold is frequently a source of problems because it consumes cellulose, which is richly provided in building materials.

Think you're immune from mold because it's dry outside? Plumbing leaks too, and frequently in places you can't see, like inside walls, attics, or crawl spaces. And then when it does start raining again, trust water to find somewhere to go that is going to feed spores just waiting for it. And even if there's no leak, difference between indoor and outdoor temperature can cause condensation, which has nowhere to go in an air-tight home.

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To uncover hidden toxic mold growth, ByebyeMold certified professionals survey moisture levels of walls, ceilings and floors, locate visible and hidden mold growth, and test from the crawlspace to the air and points in-between, for the quantity and variety of mold spores. Have a specific area you're concerned about? Call and ask us about it! We use all the latest technology from thermal cameras to the best moisture meters.

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