Makes Science Cool with the Etsy Launch of Personalized Molecular Jewelry

Creating molecular stand-outs in a crowd of a dime a dozen designs, a new Etsy store quite literally branches out with the launch of a new jewelry line.


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2017 --When was the last time science was the very definition of trendy? Possibly never? But now, an on-trend jewelry designer out of Tel Aviv has the 411 on what could only be described as the voguish approach to going nerdy. Enter, Eugene Taranov. He's the out-of-the-box thinker that's taking molecular structures to fashionistas on the prowl to make a statement. Conversation piece anyone?

Calling all upwardly chic wearers and with it trendsetters, Etsy has a new haunt. It's called Molecule-Necklace. The store offers science jewelry fashioned out of 14k gold or sterling silver. So what is that? It's the molecular structure of anything custom made to fit around the neck, the wrist, the finger, or on the ears. For instance, like a cup of coffee? The newly-launched Etsy store has wearable caffeine. Intrigued by testosterone? Wear it! One can "break bad" and make a statement with a serotonin molecule necklace, or a dopamine molecule necklace. Or, they can break worse and go right for the hard stuff; a thc molecule necklace or an oxytocin molecule necklace.

The developer of Molecule-Necklace said of his highly personalized jewelry on Etsy "We call this chemistry jewelry because that's exactly what it is. It not only represents chemistry, but it makes it. When someone is wearing the Oxytocin molecule for example, when they're asked what it is, the fascination starts. It really does magnetize people and makes them ask you what you're all about. Every piece seductively does it job and tells your story."

Priced between $20 and just over $100, depending on customization and metal chosen, the Molecule-Necklaces are on point. With detail, Taranov captures the intricate branches of each molecule with interest. And, for a limited time, the designer offers a 30% sale on any custom molecule design. This design can be created as a necklace, a ring, or a bracelet. With over 110 designs to choose from, some of the jewelry is offered as earrings as well.

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About Molecule-Necklace
Molecule-Necklace is an Etsy online store founded by designer, Eugene Taranov that supplies the marketplace with personalized jewelry made of molecular structures.

Eugene Taranov
CEO, Molecule-Necklace


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