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Mom-Authored Children's Book "Granny Thee Unstoppable" Gives Kids Hope Who've Lost a Family Member to Cancer

Learning unstoppability from her story's superhero, new author Brandi Reynaud gives kids and uncommon expectation in her new book.


New Orleans, LA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/08/2020 --Written with a mother's heart to give kids steeped in sadness a place to put their grief, new author Brandi Reynaud releases a children's book. The first volume in the "Granny Thee Unstoppable" book series, with remarkable comfort, she tells the story of Granny, Bryce, Brayden, and Layla. Together, they are four family heroes who faced Granny's breast cancer and won an eternal joy no disease could ever steal.

So what's their secret? Granny's grandchildren help her cope with cancer treatment pain with back rubs, songs, and lemon drops. In thanks for their showing of love, she teaches them the sweetness and power of praying with her. It's the perfect set-up because shortly after she "changes her address" to heavenly places and gets her wings, Bryce needs her help here. Scared and alone, he remembers what she taught him. Suddenly, he can see the bigger picture thanks to his superhero Granny.

The author said of the book, "Much like their Granny, I think of Bryce, Brayden, and Layla as heroes by decision. I know that's who they are because parts of this story happened to us. My children are six, five, and three-years-old and they were extremely close to my mom. After she passed away, every night, we would lay in her bed and cry together. One night, the crying became almost unbearable. So, I jumped out of bed and pulled myself together by telling stories about Granny as a super angel. It worked! My kids enjoyed the stories so much their crying stopped. We're proof positive that Granny Thee Unstoppable will help children who have lost a loved one. After all, this Granny comes equipped with wings and a powerful way to watch over them everyday."

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