Momensity Just Launched on Kickstarter as the First Real-World Social Network

The community is evolving from just recording life online, to living it online. It’s quite easy for someone to blog, host a video series, create Pinterest collections, sell online, or even provide services on Fiverr, Taskrabbit, Uber, or some other online service. But offline, people in social settings can’t share and promote their thriving online lives. Why? Because until now, it’s not been easy to do. The Momensity app is a game changer now campaigning on Kickstarter to raise funds to blur the lines of the human experience on and offline.


Stafford, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/02/2014 --Each day there are more people earning a living, thriving, and growing a life on the Internet alone. The digital world however, was never meant to be shared between people but instead between computers using websites and links. Their “digital talk” is tough to remember let alone share and promote when meeting real-world people offline. The Momensity app has been created to bridge the growing gap between people’s “awesome” online lives and the offline-social lives they lead. The app works by crunching and analyzing the Big Data spread over all the social networks and other online accounts two people, connecting through the app, may have. Only one person is required to have the app for the offline connection to work. How? With Momensity everyone gets a personal barcode that most mobile devices can scan that will instruct the device (that doesn’t have the app) to download Momensity and complete the connection process. Stealth right? Very James Bond.

Launched on Kickstarter to raise funds for production and marketing Momensity is gaining speed. A one-stop-shop for providing a snapshot of an impressive online life to share with people offline, the social connection app puts the power in the hands of the user. The app uses the latest in artificial intelligence to gather information and share only what would be of mutual interest to both parties in the connection process. The Momensity app goes the extra mile to calculate how much impact two people can have on one another’s lives using a 1-to-10 rating.

Momensity user profiles are called Exchange Cards and is the part of the app shared between users during connections. Exchange Cards have special areas which allow users to hide or show information they want to share at any given time. Areas include the Career Area - where job information is entered manually or pulled from LinkedIn, the Connection Area, the Talent Area - where videos are imported from Vine, YouTube and Vimeo, and the Store Area - for e-commerce leads. Users can also choose between a “Professional” or “Magic” mode which determines how much of their online life should be matched while making connections.

About Momensity
Momensity was founded by Jermon Green in 2013 to enhance personal and business relationships via an app that allows for sharing and promoting one’s online life, off-line. The Momensity App Kickstarter Campaign is currently raising funds for production and marketing.

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