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Mongolia Wind & Solar Energy Coin(WSEC) Coming on Stage Brings Risks and Opportunities


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/04/2018 --Recently, the Mongolian wind currency, the world's first legal digital currency issued by Mongolia and the first encrypted digital currency issued by the government, will soon land on the international capital market.With so many halo around, Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) appears at a sensitive time when governments are strictly controlling all types of encrypted digital currencies, is Mongolia's move a risk or an opportunity for investors keen on digital money investments?

From the current situation, the listing of Mongolian currency Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) has been gradually put on the agenda regardless of the recent market operation of the Mongolian government and industry background. Mongolia is a large country of mineral resources when its potential resources ranks the top 20 in the world with good development prospects in wind energy, Taiyuan energy, light energy and other new energy industry, which laid a solid foundation for the introduction of Mongolian wind coin Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC). Based on real wealth and breaks through the shackles of lacking credit of Bitcoin and other existing digital currencies, the Mongolian currency Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) is a digital currency endorsed by new energy sources and is of great significance to the return of international currency to value anchor and to explore and solve the defects of the existing international monetary system. It is a bold innovation to the form of money in big data time and a great significance to the return of global currency to value anchor.

On February 9, 2018, led by Enktuya, the General Manager of Mongolia's TV-2, Baudolgi, the Director of the New Energy Department of the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia, Bhatmani, the head of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and director of Belt and Road's Department of Mongolian Central China, Gori Mabat, the Chairman of Mongolia Information Technology Co., Ltd., Bao Yin Daorji, the Chairman of Mongolia Sun Road Co., Ltd., Pan Gao, the Chairman of the Mongolian and Chinese Belt and Road Trade Development Promotion Committee and Enktur, a famous IT engineer and expert on block chain in Mongolia all gathered together to discuss the current situation of power generation in Mongolia, the technical reform of block chain in Mongolia and the in-depth technical promotion of the Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) project in Mongolia. It provides policy support and credibility analysis for the listing of Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) and further promotes the listing process of Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC).

As we all know,the earliest and largest digital currency in the world, Bitcoin, has been controversial since it was introduced into the market. It is undeniable that its price is rising and it is starting to get on track with low government risk. The pace of its integration into the international economy has been accelerated, which has developed into an important position in the world economy digital currency from the initial electronic game currency. It has been asserted that Bitcoin will have the same status in the future as the official digital currency issued by the country. While the country's encrypted digital currency, the Mongolian currency Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC), has the inherent advantage of legalization and nationalization, which has been valued by many investors.

About WSEC
According to some source, Mongolian wind coin energy coins will be traded on the secondary market in Mongolia's domestic and international digital encrypted currency exchanges in 2018. Although they cannot be converted directly into new energy sources, they have credit endorsements of the country and are backed up by Mongolia's domestic new energy industry. Under government supervision, the encrypted currency will be more stabilized for a long time than Bitcoin with higher investment value, which is good news for investors keen on digital money.However, although the situation is more optimistic, it remains to be seen whether we can really benefit from it and whether it is a risk or an opportunity.