Mongolia Peabody Energy Company

Mongolian Wind & Solar Energy Coin (WSEC) Is Shovel-Ready

Mongolia’s new energy strategy makes great changes for the country.


Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/05/2018 --Sun Road Trade, a green company founded in 2015, recently issued Wind Solar Energy Coin(WSEC). It will affect the Strategic Situation of Mongolian Currency.

Mongolia is a well-known large country with rich energy and mineral resources, known as "Saudi Arabia of coal mining". Its mineral reserves are among the top 20 in the world. There are more than 800 mining areas and more than 8000 mining sites in the country and the amount of its geological coal reserves is forecasted to be 173.3 billion tons and its total recoverable reserves amount is up to 21 billion tons.Mongolia, once drove gold prospectors and bankers around the world crazy with its vast resource potential, all thought to become the next "golden country" and the "star of East Asia".

However, the severe imbalance in the economic structure has led to the transience of Mongolia's prosperity.After Venezuela, Mongolia has become a country which is close to collapse with its abundant resource power.The economic crisis in Mongolia began in August 2017 and Mongolia's GDP was 1 trillion and 610 billion 317 million in 2017 and the nominal negative growth was 11.17%.Mongolia sits on its golden land, but cannot use it.How to turn rich resources into profits so that Mongolia can get through the current economic crisis?The emergence of Mongolian wind coin Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) gave Mongolia a turnaround.

After the Venezuelan oil coin, "Mongolian currency Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC)" is the second legal digital currency born in the world and the second legal digital currency issued by the country in the history of mankind. Mongolia has given great support to the issue of the coin.On February 9, 2018, Bhaudolgi, Director of the New Energy Department of the Ministry of Energy of Mongolia, Bhatmani, head of the Economic Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and head of Belt and Road of Mongolia, Gozhmabat, Chairman of Mongolia Information Technology Co., Ltd. Baoyin Daorji, the Chairman of Mongolia Sun Road Co., Ltd.,Pan Gaofeng, the Chairman of Mongolia-China Belt and Road Trade Development Promotion Committee, and the famous Mongolian IT engineer Block chain expert Enktur gathered together and discussed the status quo of power generation in Mongolia, the technical reform of block chain in Mongolia and the deep technical promotion of Mongolian wind-coin Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) project, it was chaired by Enktuya, General Manager of Mongolian TV-2 and the listing of Mongolian wind-coin Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) was put on the agenda. It is said that in 2018, Mongolia wind coin Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC) energy coins will trade in the secondary market of Mongolia and the international digital encrypted currency exchange market.

We know that the potential for appreciation of digital currencies such as Bitcoin is very huge. with the appreciation by a thousand or ten thousand times from the beginning of the issue to the later stages. But Bitcoin is a non-government issued currency and its risk and legitimacy have been called into question,

While the "Mongolian wind coin Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC)" is not the same since it is based on Mongolia wind energy, Taiyuan energy, light energy and other real wealth as credit endorsement by the support of the local government. It breaks through the shackles of lack of credit anchor of the existing digital currency and gives the legitimacy of digital currency circulation, which is of certain positive significance for the return to the value anchor of international currency and to explore to solve the defects of the existing international monetary system.

About WSEC
As mentioned above, we can learn that the introduction of "Mongolian wind currency Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC)", driven by this legitimate digital currency, will definitely have a positive impact on Mongolia's future international strategy and its future development plan by solving the current domestic economic crisis.Because Mongolia does not lack resources, what it is short of is a good financial model and "Mongolian wind currency Wind & Solar Energy coin(WSEC)" is the key to solve its economic crisis in the key period, but we still have to wait and see how it will develop specifically.