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Montana Chiropractor Provides Preventive Health Tips to Avoid Common Injuries

We Care Chiropractic Family Wellness Center shares best practice on home preventive care to avoid injuries that lead to office visits


Bozeman, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/08/2014 --Dr. Spence Jahner of We Care Chiropractic Family Wellness Center is proud to treat the chiropractic and wellness concerns of Bozeman, Montana residents as he has been doing for over 21 years. However, it’s just as important to Dr. Jahner and his team that the community is at their safest and healthiest while at home too. Many common behaviors, activities and habits can be slightly adjusted to help reduce the instances of joint, neck and back pain, and to improve sleep quality and diet, which all help improve the body’s natural defenses, healing ability and rejuvenating functions. Preventive care helps reduce the number of daily stresses on the body so the chiropractor can focus on the deep issues and more severe injuries, while encouraging better wellness in patients while out of the office.

For most, a visit to the chiropractor follows an accident, injury or surprise pain after lifting a box or shooting a layup. When this occurs and the patient seeks healing treatment from the chiropractor, it is called restorative chiropractic. However, good preventive chiropractic care is considered equally important, especially for those seeking long-term relief and wellness improvement. Over time, as the body ages, normal degenerative changes occur. These include changes that cause chronic pain in the spine as it weakens. It is known that regular chiropractic treatment combined with improved wellness behavior at home can prevent many of these degenerative changes from developing, and can improve sleep quality, improve digestive health, boost the immune system, and reduce anxiety. The reduction of overall stress and the improvement of digestion and sleep quality are crucial factors in fighting degenerative diseases and profoundly improving wellness and longevity.

The spine is of paramount importance to the overall health of the body. A healthy dose of simple preventive chiropractic care in one’s youth can pay a wealth of wellness dividends later in life. Easy ways to avoid back pain and to improve the body’s health are to maintain a healthy diet and weight, stay active while avoiding prolonged inactivity or bed rest, be sure to warm up and stretch properly before exercise or intense physical activity, focus on maintaining good posture, always wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes, reduce or quit smoking and alcohol consumption, especially before bedtime, and make sure to get up from the desk or office chair every 20 minutes or so to stretch and walk around the room. Smarter lifestyle decisions, improved chiropractic health and enhanced overall wellness are within reach.

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