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More Money Spent on Wedding Ring & Ceremony Means Higher Chance of Divorce

Pricy Ring and Wedding Also Mean Shorter Marriage


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/20/2014 --A new study by two Emery University Economy professors found a direct relationship between the amount of money spent on a wedding ring and wedding ceremony, and the likelihood of divorce.

The study uses data from 3,000 married couples, and comparisons are made using the widely accepted statistic that 50% of marriages end in divorce. This is the benchmark used when stating that you are more likely or less likely than average to get divorced. For more on the basics of divorce, visit this page: http://www.ondafamilylaw.com/articles/Knowing-The-Basics-of-Divorce/.

According to the study, the more money spent on the woman’s wedding and engagement rings, the higher the instance of divorce.

The same rang true for pricy weddings. The more couples spent on fancy weddings, the more likely it was for them to get divorced.

Even more interesting though, is the directly proportionate influence of the amount spent on the length of the marriage. The higher the price of the ring and/or wedding, the shorter the marriage appeared to last according to researchers.

The average amount spent on a wedding and engagement ring in the United States is about $2,500, while the average cost of a wedding is higher at about $10,000. Given the average rate of divorce of 50% in the United States, those who spend less than average on a ring and a wedding lower their odds of ending up divorced.