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Mortgage Corp Helps Experienced Investors Save $700 Per Month with Loan Restructuring

Self-employed couples get to save $700 simply by refinancing their home loans and investment loans.


Wantirna South, Victoria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/28/2018 --The Melbourne mortgage broker has helped self-employed couple Jason and Rebecca save about $700 a month simply by refinancing their home loans and two investment loans. They've also helped restructure these loans so that the couple can afford another investment within two years.

"When Jason and Rebecca reached out to Mortgage Corp, we agreed on two objectives: lowering interest rates on their loans and purchasing another property within the next two years. The couple had a combined income of just over $190,000 and owned a home in the eastern suburb of Melbourne, on top of owning two investment properties," says Neil Carstairs, an MFAA accredited mortgage broker.

The situation faced by the couple wasn't unique. It's one faced by most property investors. "We teach our property investors use equity from their home loans to purchase investment properties. And we always analyse investors current situation, lifestyle and goals to determine the right loan structure due to the complexity involved in calculating tax deductions and separating investment lending from non deductible debt etc. All of these can get really complicated to investors and even to some brokers if they haven't had the experience dealing with complex lending and incorrect loan structuring can, in some cases reduce your borrowing capacity to purchase quality investments.," adds Neil. Separating home loans from investment loans helped this couple save money on additional accountant fees and leveraged their investment equity towards purchasing another property.

Even experienced property investors can make the mistake of not reviewing their loan structure, leading them to miss investment opportunities. Mortgage Corp helped this couple restructure their loans and found that they could actually afford to borrow money for another investment. The company's long term experience and relationships with lenders status also helped the couple borrow at a lower rate - that was almost 1% less than what the major banks were charging.

Mortgage Corp has helped many property investors save time and money and build a successful property portfolio through refinancing and restructuring their investment properties.

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Mortgage Corp is a team of mortgage brokers in Melbourne led by award winning MFAA accredited broker Neil Carstairs who receives consistent 5-star customer reviews. The Mortgage Corp team specialises in property investment, helping current and aspiring investors build a successful property portfolio through strategic loan structuring and restructuring.

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