Mosquito: Inventors of the World's First 3D Printed Drone Need Your Help in Bringing Their Product to the Market


Barcelona, Spain -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/25/2016 --When it comes to pure excitement and rapid advancement, few areas of science provide more than 3D printing and UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology. Now, a team of visionaries from Barcelona in northeastern Spain are bringing these two fields together in an effort to create something truly incredible.

The result is the Mosquito, the world's first 3D printed UAV, or drone. Produced by the Bonadrone team, this ingenious bit of kit is effortlessly customizable, utilizing cutting edge 3D printing technology to allow users to tailor the design of the drone to their own requirements.

The Mosquito is yet another example of how the revolutionary techniques of 3D printing can be applied. The speed and convenience of the technology enables Bonadrone to produce made-to-measure drones quickly and easily, tailoring each individual product across three customization levels.

This means that if an aerial photographer needs a lightweight carbon-fiber drone with a fitted camera gimbal, it can be done. Similarly, if a customer needs a powerful 8-rotor industrial drone with a carrying hook, this can be produced by the Bonadrone team with ease.

"Bonadrone was born with the aim of bringing technology closer to the user by promoting creativity and an interest in learning how it all fits together" explained one of the Mosquito's developers Josep Tomàs Vergès.

"Our journey starts with our very first drone, the Mosquito."

Josep goes on to explain how, in order to make this wonderful project a reality, the Bonadrone team are reaching out for support. On April 6th, the team will launch their fundraising campaign on popular crowdfunding platform, IndieGoGo. While prototypes of both the equipment and the finished drones themselves have been designed, constructed and tested, the funding and support received from the campaign will be instrumental in giving the drones a wider release.

If you are new to drone technology, then the Mosquito serves as an ideal entry point. It is fitted with a raft of smart safety devices – including virtual barriers to keep the drone within a designated safety zone, and an emergency self-landing mechanism. The drone can also be pre-programmed to follow set routes defined on Google Maps, or simply to follow the signal from a smartphone or tablet device.

Interested in getting involved, helping out this motivated team of inventors, and securing yourself an incredible new piece of kit? Visit the team's IndieGoGo page via this link (available from April 6th).