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Most Interesting Sleep Discoveries of 2014 Reviewed by the Sleepy Shopper

Bed and sleep blog highlights ten of the most interesting scientific studies on sleep from this year.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2015 --The end of the year often marks the time when we reflect on progress and innovations, while looking ahead to the future. Reviewing the year in sleep science, The Sleepy Shopper, a mattress and sleep blog, recently curated and reviewed several top discoveries.

Released December 31, the article is titled "Most Interesting Sleep Discoveries of 2014." In it, the blog discusses ten of the more interesting revelations from studies and research published throughout the year in academic journals and media.

As one of the more rapidly advancing categories of research, the study of sleep science brought dozens of new discoveries in 2014 and furthered our understanding of why people rest, what happens within the body, and side effects of poor sleep.

Among the findings highlighted by The Sleepy Shopper are new discoveries within the brain, genetic findings, and insights into how people's habits affect rest and health. Each discovery of the top ten includes a summary of findings and implications as well as links for more information.

Biological advancements include the discovery of a sleep node in the brain that controls deep sleep and enhanced understanding of how the brain consolidates learning while at rest. Genetic discoveries include the existence of gene mutation associated with short sleep duration and the existence of a master jet lag gene.

In regard to habits, discoveries highlighted in the article include studies looking at the effects of workplace lighting, dietary habits and the moon on sleep quality. Also included in the article are reviews of studies that look at how parents' habits affect kids, sleep apnea and hearing, and more.

The article is available in full online at, along with several other helpful articles on sleeping better and guides to mattress shopping.

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