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Most Unknown Prolific Movie Content Creator Uses eBay to Pitch Several Film Treatments

Screenwriter-Producer Goes to eBay to Give Hollywood the Opportunity to Hear Pitch of "Prix Fixe" Menu of Several Original Film Treatments....


North Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2023 --Bid on the Right of First Refusal to hear pitch of original content TV/Movie concept film treatments from one of the most prolific unknown screenwriters today!

Paula Levine asks, "Is your studio the last one to hear the pitch after the other studios either bought the best and left you with scraps?"

Could John Rearden be the next Mega Producer for Hulu, Disney+ Paramount+ Netflix?

According to Levine, the "Right of first refusal allows the Studio to hear the pitch.

Today, at this very moment, you have the opportunity to go on eBay and bid on and win the right of first refusal to hear a private pitch of 10 original film treatments (original content, drama series, comedy, animated content for children, SciFi etc.) and be the first one to make your offer to purchase one or all of the film treatments!

His friends say he has "chutzpah" to say to Hollywood "pay for the right to just hear his pitch of "Prix Fixe"of Several Original Film Treatments." Rearden states "when you wanted the best of a certain food for dinner you went to the restaurant now the Michelin award winning restaurant comes to you."

According to Rearden,"Why spin my wheels and go  knocking on fifty doors to pitch my Film Treatments- they can come and see me!" BTW- bring your corner office of attorneys to sign the plethora of confidentiality agreements and disclosures. You're not going to sit and then run off with the ideas! The Top 5 highest bidders win the opportunity to hear 10 TV/Film Treatments and whatever left is offered in the next round to the next highest bidder etc.

Paula Levine, Executive Vice President of Digital Content, states that "1 of his 10 new original film treatments,"THE MUSIC," is under consideration by one of the of the "Big Five Studios." According to Rearden the film treatment "THE MUSIC" will be more popular than the TV musical  series "Fame."#tedsarandos @netflix 

Levine added further, "the film treatments range from Sci-fi to the Kennedy Presidency to comedies in the tradition of Young Frankenstein and Old School; and if you're a fan of the NCIS franchise, political satire House of Cards, Expanse and musical show Fame, his original film/ television treatments will be big hits.

Is Rearden, the creator of Method Approach Podcast, the most prolific unknown screenwriter today? He has announced that he's completed and will produce 10 new original film/TV treatment for streaming and the big screen.

Rearden, an eccentric prolific creator reportedly in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, refused to sell rights to several film treatments reportedly for $10MM until the movie theaters reopened to 75% capacity. According to Levine "the studios were low balling me and are trying to take advantage of writers during this time by telling writers "no one's going to back to the theater so we can't pay what you're asking."

Levine added "Rearden has written the film treatment for a blockbuster film or streaming series on Artificial Intelligence that #ElonMusk would pay to make a cameo appearance. Stay Tuned...."

10 Original Movie, Television, Treatments

1.      Music

2.      SciFi

3.      Political Drama

4.      Artificial Intelligence

5.      Time Travel

6.      Never Again/Dead or Alive - Vigilante -See Trailer

7.      Drama Political

8.      Romantic Comedy

9.      JFK

10.   Children's Animation