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Motion Marketplace Now Offers Flange Planetary Gearboxes at Unbeatable Prices

Planetary Flange Gearboxes High Value with Low Backlash


Anaheim, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/11/2014 --Motion Marketplace has expanded their line of planetary gearboxes, and now offers a high-value economy flange planetary gearbox. Currently offered are two series of Flange Gearboxes UGM and UGS. Planetary Flange Gearboxes Both series offer an unparalleled structure and high duty material for a multitude of motion control applications.

Upon great distribution success with their vast selection of planetary gearboxes, they have decided to expand their line to reach out to their customer’s needs of a low cost high quality line of flange planetary gearboxes. This encompassing planetary gearbox line ranges in types from: inline standard precision, inline high precision, right angle, rack and pinion and flange gearboxes. These planetary gearboxes are well known to covet an accuracy and precision needed for even the most challenging and complex applications.

These flange gearboxes are offered in two series UGM and UGS. The only difference is that the UGS series is geared more for back driven applications. Both series utilize a high torsional rigidity and a high duty material of roller bearing, gear, gearbox and bracket, enabling the support of the output shaft to beat the further axial and radial load. Strong tenacity of the taper roller bearings strengthens wear-resistance to prolong its service life. The flange gearboxes come in three stages with ratios that are available from 4:1 to 220:1, with a backlash as low as less than one arc min. A variety of output shaft options are available for standard, splined, hollow and splined hollow.

Motion Marketplace continues to surprise their competitors by offering products that are relatively high in quality yet low in price. Motion Marketplace has a track record of successful acquisition and due diligence in the distribution for the motion control industry. . As user needs change and develop, there are many ways to maintain optimal application performance. Motion Marketplace has a great technical engineering and sales team that welcomes all custom applications.