MotoFly Wear Introduces the Perfect Eyewear for Motorcyclists via Kickstarter

MotoFly Wear has created eyewear that fits perfectly with a helmet. This useful biking accessory can be pre-ordered now through the company’s just-launched Kickstarter campaign.


Budapest, Hungary -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2016 --MotoFly Wear claims that they have built a special type of eyewear that fits perfectly with a motorcyclist's helmet. Wearing helmet under the glasses has always been a painful experience for the bikers. Many people complain that the temples and the nose pads hurt their head. The vision tends to get blurry, and constant vibration of the glasses can be tiresome for the eyes, too. Experts suggest that wearing ordinary eyewear with a helmet can be a dangerous practice.

The founders of MotoFly Wear have utilized their extensive experience as an optician and a biker to deliver glasses and sunglasses that will solve the problem of wearing glasses under the helmet. Talking about their range of eyewear, the company's founder Szabolcs Turi states, "Our goal is to provide clear vision and a safe riding experience to every biker. MotoFly Wear prescription glasses and sunglasses are designed by bikers for bikers to improve the riding experience. It gives you clearer and bigger field of vision, safer driving. We spent two years with design, tests and developing new solutions to create the perfect eyewear for helmet use."

Some of the most noteworthy features of MotoFly Wear eyewear are:

- The Moto temple is designed specifically to distribute the pressure on a bigger surface to be pain-free.

- Micro Steel System of the MOTO temple holds onto the helmet's padding like claws making the glasses extra stable even at high RPMs.

- All MotoFly Wear glasses and sunglasses come with two sets of temples: Moto and street.

- With the Quick Change Lens system, users can change the lenses with a single move.

- The special Air Bubble Nose Pad of MotoFly Wear eyewear absorbs the pressure so they won't cause any pain when the users turn the head to check traffic.

The range of products offered by MotoFly Wear includes Alpha Optics, Alpha Sun, Venus Sun, and Venus Optics. All these products are currently available exclusively at This crowdfunding campaign has been launched recently to raise €65,000 for the commercial production of these products.

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About MotoFly Wear
The creator of MotoFly Wear glasses and sunglasses is Szabolcs Turi, an optician and a motorcyclist. MotoFly Wear's story started when his friend asked him to cut off the temples of his Ray Bans; the pain caused by the glasses was so annoying, that he wanted a solution immediately. This was the moment when Szabolcs realized that there are thousands of bikers out there who suffer from the discomfort caused by their eyewear. The company's innovative eyewear collection is now up for sale.