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Archbold, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/30/2019 --Beck Insurance, serving the Toledo communities of Bryan OH, Delta OH, Perrysburg OH, Swanton OH, Toledo and Waterville OH, answers questions regarding motorcycle insurance during winter months.

One question is if motorcycle insurance should be dropped during the winter. This is often tempting because motorcycle drivers may feel as if they are paying for a service or product they are not using. However, there are a couple of reasons that dropping motorcycle insurance is not a good idea. First off, the driver cannot take out their motorcycle during the canceled months. If an expected warm day appears, the driver cannot take advantage of the opportunity. Given the nature of motorcycle accidents, drivers are never recommended to "chance it".

Another potential risk of dropping motorcycle insurance during the winter is the risk of damage happening while in storage. Theft, fire, storm damage or vandalism are always a possibility while in storage. Even the tightest security can still suffer from some sort of accident. Given the cost for motorcycles, damage or lost could be quite expensive.

Instead, motorcycle drivers should talk to their motorcycle insurance agency about options for their motorcycle insurance during the winter months. Options may include raising the deductible. If the owner is confident in the security of the storage for their motorcycle, then raising the deductible may be the best options for lowering their motorcycle insurance during the winter months.

Another option is to search for motorcycle insurance that includes a "lay-up" policy. This type of policy stops all coverage except for comprehensive coverage. Generally, this means that damages due to a collision are not covered. Damages that happen while in storage – theft, etc. – are covered. Many carriers already pro-rate the rates per month based upon your zip code, so removing or reducing coverage over the winter may make little or no difference to the premium.

If a motorcycle owner is looking for these options, Beck Insurance recommends working with them for their motorcycle insurance. Premiums with these may be higher during the other months but the owner may still come out ahead. An independent agency such as Beck will be able to search different motorcycle insurance carriers to find the one that offers these types of options.

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