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Mouth Guards Prevent Injuries, Says Richmond Hill Orthodontist


Markham, Ontario -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2012 --After a long winter, many people look forward to enjoying outdoor recreation. Spring means many sports are once again in full swing.

Markham and Richmond Hill orthodontist Dr. Arun Rajasekaran, who offers pediatric and adult orthodontics, advises those who choose to take part in spring sports to wear a mouth guard to prevent a multitude of injuries.

Mouth guards come in several models including boil and bite mouth guards, which form to each athlete's bite; ready-to-wear, preformed mouth guards; and made to order mouth guards that are specially fitted to each athlete by a orthodontist or dentist.

Athletes are 60 times more likely to avoid tooth damage when wearing a mouth guard than without, according to the National Youth Sports Foundation for Safety. There are several advantages to wearing a mouth guard, when used correctly.

1- Avoid cracked and chipped teeth
Teeth are protected by the guard's rubber coating, stopping the jaws from smashing together and damaging teeth, which can later turn into root or bone damage.

2- Properly aligns jaw to increase performance
A properly fitted mouth guard aligns the jaw to an optimal position. Generally, jaw muscles clench in a reaction to stress. Relaxing the jaw relieves stress, which allows athletes to perform better. A properly aligned jaw also opens airways and allows athletes better airflow to the lungs.

3- Avoid concussions and neck injuries
Blows to the head can be absorbed and dispersed by a mouth guard and prevent damage to the jaw, brain and neck. Without one, these injuries could lead to concussions and neck injuries.

4- Avoid soft tissue damage
A mouth guard separates the teeth from the soft tissue and prevents lacerations, sore and bruises caused by physical activity.
No matter what sport patients partake in, injuries are preventable. Mouth guards are highly recommended for anyone planning in enjoying outdoor sports such as field hockey, baseball, soccer and even track and field events.

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