Move Any Business to a 3D Environment

Own, Buy, Sell 3D property! Create your business, offices, factories, utilize services and earn in one virtual 3D NEASPACE.


Colorado Springs, CO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2016 --Recently a new and unique 3D web development project campaign was launched in effort to solve many real world business-client cooperation issues. The major tool to solve these issues is used to replicate shopping, entertainment and a business world making it fully functional in a 3D web environment. Thus to conduct a business no physical office and presence will be required! It solves many problems such as building, renting, protecting an office, and headquarter facilities! It is not needed anymore.

NeaSpace Project allows everyone to create a business, sell it, buy, rent out, receive clients and fulfill their needs completely through a 3D display of goods, direct calling, video chat, text, chat and more.

The NeaSpace 3D environment will be divided into continents, countries, cities, districts, streets and buildings. Buildings will consist of fully functional rented or owned business/services' offices.

According to the project's design, everyone who supports the crowdfunding campaign will become a NeaSpace co-owner of a 3D office, a set of offices, an office building, a bank or a 3D cinema and many more.

This implies many new investment opportunities. As the NeaSpace world grows the 3D Property cost will increase proportionally.

Full office or other types of 3D property customization will be offered.

Depending on the pledge amount all property owners will receive one of 3 types of NeaSpace Property Ownership Coins (bronze, silver, and gold- not actual metals) or a Prime Owner Badge. There will be an Owner's serial number indicated on every Coin or a Badge. This helps protect Ownership rights.

Currently, Neaspace has live crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter it can be viewed HERE.