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MPLS Networks Just Got Stable with Sermo Telecom


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/11/2013 --In the modern world, where small, medium, and large sized businesses must communicate across vast distances, MPLS networks can seem like a necessary evil. Even though they offer increased speed and efficiency, they also come with all kinds of delays and hangups. Interestingly enough, most of these problems occur because network provides simply purchase bandwidth and connectivity resources from other companies. From there, they create a composite package that appears as a single transfer utility. Unfortunately, in practice a single break in the chain can wreak all kinds of havoc.

By contrast, consumers that rely on Sermo Telecom gain access to all of the resources required to transmit and receive large data transfers from a single company. As an added bonus, the equipment owned by Sermo Telecom is state of the art. This means consumers enjoy NGN technology and direct access to a Tier 1 network. In addition, many businesses that convert to Sermo Telecom have noted that they save a good bit of money on their Microsoft MPLS networks.

Aside from having some of the best MPLS networks technology on Earth, Sermo Telecom also stands ahead of the industry when it comes to customer support. For example, Sermo Telecom has a fully staffed account detail center as well as highly trained technical support representatives. Once a problem is reported, Sermo Telecom usually has it fixed within just four hours.

When it comes to setting up MPLS networks, many business owners are concerned about the privacy of communications from one location to another. Unlike many other providers, Sermo Telecom offers the newest and most stringent security protocols. They also offer a range of connection options to accommodate older equipment so that client information is never compromised.

From this perspective, it is fair to say that business owners looking for reliable MPLS networks from a committed provider will do well to contact Sermo Telecom and find out more about their internet and phone connectivity products.