Mr. Craig

Mr. Craig Takes Center Stage with New Single "De-Press-Ion"

Mr. Craig releases his new thought-provoking single titled “De-press-ion” to critical acclaim


Queens, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/04/2020 --Dedicated recording artist and entertainment executive, Mr. Craig proudly announce that his new blazing single "De-press-ion" has been released on Spotify, Apple Music, and online stores. The song which was released on 10/22/2020, the same day as his late aunt's birthday is a mix up of the words in depression to give "I pressed on". It seeks to bring everyone hope and courage to push on despite all of the hard times the world has been experiencing recently. It crystallizes the personality of Mr. Craig as someone who doesn't see the glass as half empty, but half full. Released under his music company Strict-ly Entertainment, with this song, Mr. Craig further solidifies his status as a master in his genre.

Since coming on the scene many years ago with the release of his hit single "Penning Thoughts," Mr. Craig has continued to churn out hit after hit, showing his versatility and talent and "De-press-ion" is just another creative work in his growing collection of masterpieces.

A native of Queens, New York, Mr. Craig's style has been compared to the likes of the late Tupac with his passion and Lupe Fiasco. When listening to Mr. Craig, you can't help but feel the connection to this great hip-hop emce, along with his energetic passion and personality that draws you in. Not only is he articulate and has a deep understanding of the world around him, but he's able to present all of this through music in a way that takes listeners through a palette of emotions.

Mr. Craig is not your regular rap archetype that is only but a flash in the pan. His unique art form transcends music and inspires a new generation with hope and strength. His work is a fusion of his difficult past, musical passion, and his many hip-hop influences. His hard-hitting style, layered on contemporary hip-hop beats is one that cannot be ignored, even by the most critics.

Mr. Craig is fast becoming a household name within the American Hip-hop community. Despite a turbulent life fraught with perils and potholes, he has stayed true to his passion and put all of that into his music, which is why his music is often thought-provoking and reveals the light in our lives even when darkness surrounds it.

He hopes to become a very successful artist and reach out to the masses, inspiring them and helping people to keep pushing on amid difficulties. He desires to use his voice for the greater good and justice and being more than an artist.

About Mr. Craig
Originally from Queens, New York, but now resident in the 'DMV' area, Mr. Craig is an American hip-hop artist whose emergence in the independent music scene has been volcanic, considering how talented and dedicated he is to his art Even though Mr. Craig has been hard at work showcasing his creative best through music in recent years, he is also an entrepreneur who found his own entertainment company, Strictly Entertainment and a publishing platform Mr. Shadow Music Publishing. Mr. Craig is a highly driven, ambitious artist, and his musical efforts and entrepreneurial journey are worth keeping an eye on.

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