MRPEasy Has Become the First ERP/MRP Online Software Allowing Scanning Bar-Codes with Mobile Devices

MRPEasy is trying to be mobile-first MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system. An important step is taken now - users can scan bar-codes with their own mobile phones and tablets.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2017 --"Stock management is a crucial part of production planning and supply chain management - everywhere in the world people walk around in warehouses with special scanners at hand and smartphones in their pocket. There's no need for this in 2017. Barcode scanners are becoming obsolete sooner than expected," said Konstantin Klugman, MD of MRPEasy.

MRPEasy is cloud-based MRP software provider for small and medium sized manufacturers and distributors. It is in use by several hundred innovative companies around the world, including firms like HelloFresh, Nielsen and Starship Tech.

Klugman says MRPEasy was the first to market as older resource planning software providers have to spend years on integrations of their legacy systems to enable new innovative features.

"Young and agile firms like MRPEasy are taking the market from legacy providers bite by byte as those are too slow to keep up with changing demands of customers."

Barcode scanners just read the number that is represented by the barcode and instantly transfer this data into the system. They must be connected to a system where the data is stored and can be easily accessed.

Barcodes are used extensively across production industries for marking parts and completed products with unique serial numbers so that each specific item can be easily tracked and traced.

The $1 billion market of handheld barcode scanners is expected to grow 4.9 percent CAGR until 2020 as enterprises demand smarter, camera-based barcode readers, according to research firm VDC. At the same time the research firm acknowledged that enterprises with expanding mobile workforces are evaluating BYOD policies and considering investing in alternatives to traditional purpose-built rugged mobile computers and handheld scanners.